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How to Maximize Your Time as a Volunteer in Cusco

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Volunteering in PeruUnlike any other volunteer destination that offers many beautiful attractions, Cusco is in itself the attraction. The whole city is declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Many structures built by the ancient Inca civilization are still present in the city to this day. Being the capital city of the Inca Empire, you can see a lot of structures here that have long historical significance. It is really a beautiful city worth visiting.

When volunteering in Cusco, there are several tips that can help you maximize your time so that you can explore more sites in the city. First is to plan your schedule ahead of time. If you will spend several weeks volunteering in Cusco, you can schedule to visit nearer attractions after your daily tasks are finished. You can visit the Plaza de Armas or the nearby Qurikancha or golden palace. Cusco is really beautiful at night so don’t miss the chance to stroll and see its nightlife. During weekends or free days, you can visit farther attractions like the site of the Ruins of Saksaywaman or even farther to the site of the world-renowned Machu Picchu. You can visit all the major attractions in the city as well as the minor ones as long as you schedule your time properly.

The second thing that you can do to maximize your time is to do your best in doing your volunteer tasks. The main reason for volunteering in Cusco is not the places that you can visit but the people who you can help. The more people who can benefit from your time, the more you can say that you have indeed maximized your time for your purpose on why you are volunteering in Cusco. So be sure to concentrate and do your best in whatever tasks you will be assigned to do. If you are working, don’t get distracted by the thought of going somewhere or you will most likely not be able to perform your tasks.

Lastly, you can maximize your time as you are volunteering in Cusco by reading more about the city before your trip there. There are many available resources about Cusco that you can find online. These sources will give you a background about the history of the city, its culture, language, traditions, and places to visit. When you already have a background about the city, you can now easily adjust to the place as soon as you arrive. Your background will also help you make a schedule on what to do, where to go, and what new activities can you try.

Cusco is a great city for volunteers. You will be overwhelmed by the wonderful sceneries and rich culture and history that you will be able to see, learn, and experience while volunteering in Cusco. By maximizing your time, you can do more even with the short time you have in the city. By remembering these three tips, you will surely have a wonderful time as a volunteer in Cusco.

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