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The Modern Domestic Goddess

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Oh, to be one of those wonderful women who seemingly have it all; gliding serenely about the kitchen, Nigella-esque, happily ticking off jobs on their ‘to do’ list whilst simultaneously remaining glamorous and unflappable. The demands of modern day family life are very different to 40 years ago and sometimes we simply don’t have the time or energy to acquire the skills which our mothers had. However, there still many domestic divas out there who happily take on these traditional talents to become a modern domestic goddess, so what’s their secret?

Firstly, the goddess will remain completely unflustered and immaculately groomed whatever the situation. It really doesn’t matter if the toaster is in flames and your little darling has found the dog’s bowl and is tucking into its contents. Calm and composure are the buzzwords here. Remember, every situation is retrievable and, usually, an unruffled attitude in dealing with any pear-shaped scenario takes the problem in hand.

Those vintage domestic goddess attributes of the 1950s can be equally as important in modern day family life.  In these times of cost consciousness more of us are eager to bake, knit and sew. Making your own jam, bread, whipping up a batch of yummy chocolate cupcakes (which turn out perfectly every time, by the way), and repairing and even making/customising your own clothes are all attributes considered par for the course.

A dinner party offers the perfect opportunity to show off your culinary prowess. A modern domestic goddess will relish the chance to entertain and is, without doubt, ‘the hostess with the mostess’. Gracious and attentive, she’ll always leave her guests feeling pampered and wanting to come back for more. This amazing lady will also possess an almost superhuman power when it comes to multi-tasking, and day-to-day life is structured so that the ‘work-life balance’ seesaw always totters on an even keel.

Now, a most obvious and all-important trait: the home is spotless and so are you. There won’t be a ‘cupboard’ or ‘drawer from hell’ spewing out a myriad of odds and sods in this home.  Vacuuming is done on a more than regular basis and there’s seldom a speck of dust to be seen. The chores are always completed or at least in hand. There is never a huge mountain of ironing resembling Mount Kilimanjaro in the spare room and freshly ironed clothes are instantly organised (colour co-ordinated of course) in drawers and wardrobes.     Remember, attention to detail with everything is all-important. The sweet smell of fresh flowers in the air is a welcoming touch to a home and any goddess worth their salt will have a fragrant vase in at least one of their reception rooms.

You’ll take pride in your personal appearance despite not having the time to do so. This doesn’t mean you have to wear stilettos in the kitchen, but it does mean that you will never (intentionally!) be seen in public with the remnants of a toddler’s breakfast adhered to your shoulder. Clothes are always neatly pressed using a proper steam iron, and you’ll always make a point of wearing make-up, even if only a smudge of lip gloss and touch of mascara.

Are you a true domestic goddess? Or do you aspire to be one? Tell us your favourite tips and tricks for maintaining a perfect home!

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Written by Alexandra James, a writer with 2 children aged under five. She doesn’t class herself as a domestic goddess but always aims to do her best for her family.

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