Nail Polish Tips: How To Apply Polish Like A Pro

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When trying to cut back on excessive spending, a lot of ladies decide that they are going to do their nails at home. Whether it is a manicure or a pedicure, some women are just not quite sure what to do. These tips will certainly help this population have better luck with nail polish application.

Prepare The Nails
Whether the ladies want to apply nail polish to the toenails or fingernails, some preparations need to be taken. It is always wise to soak the feet in nice, warm water for a while and to put lotion on the hands. These steps help to prepare the body for polish application. Some stores sell full spa sets for the ladies who really wish to pamper themselves at home. Women interested in doing their own nails should pay attention the next time they go to the salon.

The Base Coat
Before putting on the actual polish, it is always important to apply a base coat to trimmed and filed nails. This coat helps the polish to stay on for longer and to ensure that chips do not happen within a mere few minutes. Once this coat has been applied, it is important to wait until it is fully dry. Failure to do so is a recipe for mushed-up colors.

The Polish 
Upon picking a color, ladies should try to apply it to each nail in three strokes: one in the middle followed by two on the sides. Of course, two coats are generally needed on each nail to get that desired color, but the polish still must be permitted to dry in between coats. It can take several minutes for the coats to dry. Therefore, women might want to consider investing in fast-drying polish or even a professional nail dryer.

The Weaker Hand 
Painting the toes is generally not a problem as women can use their dominant hands throughout the process. However, let’s say that a righty is trying to paint the nails on her right hand. This process can get a bit tedious. It’s important for her to rest her elbow on a table as this will give her the greatest sense of balance. Once that elbow is resting, she should slowly work on painting those nails. Many women are able to master this art. However, those who cannot should look to another person just to help with this particular hand.

The Top Coat 
The last step of this whole process is the top coat. Once again, drying is imperative to the success of this endeavor. Once the nail has been fully polished with the color, the top coat will help to protect it. After all, today’s woman is quite busy, but she still does not want her beautiful nails to be destroyed after only a day of her ordinary tasks.

Now, many women will be able to paint their own nails. While they will likely still go to get pampered from time to time, they can save some serious money on a regular basis.

Tanya Loo is a Singapore-based beauty lover and writer. She shares tips and tricks on beauty, makeup and skincare; and particular enjoys keeping up on nail polish trends.

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