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Nature has its own ways of testing people

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Nature has its own ways of testing people’s endurance. A person starts giving the exam of his patience since the birth to the death. God doesn’t test His people out of their patience, which is somehow true. People say you should discuss your problems with your loved ones that would illuminate your stress but there are some problems in this world that you cannot just share with everyone, not even your closed ones. Urinary incontinence is one of those issues. It is called the leakage of urine. It is the most disheartening problem anyone can face and can have the nastiest impacts on anyone’s life. It swipes down a person’s confidence level and brings the person to the stage where he goes in a depression which is even worst. Some incontinence issues are hard to handle while others can be cured. There are several medications, exercises and surgeries which a person can have to cure this illness. It is good news for the people suffering poorly from this matter as now they can easily get rid of this nasty subject and gain back their quality life which they had lost through fighting this disease. There are a few urinary incontinence and vaginal tightening issues discussed here which are very important for everyone to know.

Social Impact of Incontinence:

This impact is very distressing as a person suffering from this illness feels left out and alone. Reports of interference with social activities ranged from 8% to 52%. Sufferers may give up or restrict certain household chores, church/temple/holy-places attendance, shopping, traveling, vacations, physical recreation, entertainment events outside the home, and hobbies. Sufferers even hesitate to go out for vacations as they are unsure whether there will be proper rest room locations. The people suffering from this disease are less social and have few social contacts. They are homebound and have less social interaction with people even their family members. Spousal relationships appear to be most impaired, perhaps because of an additional adverse effect on sexual relationships. The reasons for this include embarrassment, availability of absorbent products, low expectations of benefit from treatment, and lack of information regarding options for treatment.

Psychological Impact of Incontinence:

Sufferers go in deep despair as they are not confident enough to have social contacts because in this disease the person has a bad odor due to the leakage. Sexual relations are also affected. They are hesitant to satisfy their partners which leave them hopeless. When this need is not satisfied they go in further depression and this can lead to bad relationships with your spouse. A woman should have a positive approach to life and thank God that these urinary incontinence issues are curable.

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Psychosocial Impact of Incontinence:

These issues include embarrassment, anxiety, irritability, depression, anger, low self esteem, shame, increased stress, Social disapproval and isolation, Altered relationships, Sleep disturbances, Decline to seek treatment, Loss of independence, Leads to health problems, Disappointment in treatment, Supply management. These are all the problems which people face and lead a low quality life which is not good at all.


This issue is not worth going in depression for. In this walk of life people suffer from even depressing issues which we are totally unaware of. Discussing these issues was a must for women who are suffering this illness. Keep visiting our website for more information.

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