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My favourite items of jewellery have to be charm bracelets – I love wearing them and designing my own personal bracelet that is unlike anything anybody else is wearing. I like having my own, unique piece of jewellery and I’ve started wearing them from the Nomination brand recently as their designs are gorgeous.

The wide range of Nomination charms available means that I have so many different options to choose from and the chances of me having the same charm combination as somebody else is very slim. However, the large selection of charms isn’t without its drawbacks … it can be difficult to just choose a handful of charms from your bracelet as there are so many designs you’d like to include.

You may think that all charm bracelets are the same, but Nomination charm bracelets are very different to your ‘traditional’ charm bracelet. Usually, you’ll find that the charms attach onto the carrier bracelets however in Nominations case, the charms make the bracelet. They link together to form the bracelet like clips.

Even though the charms need to link together, don’t be fooled into thinking that this means you have to buy all your Nomination charms at once. Starter bracelets are available which are bracelets made up of plain links. When you purchase new charms for your bracelet, you swap out your plain link for the charm until you find that all of your charms fill the bracelet.

If you begin your bracelet with a starter bracelet, be sure to save up your plain links when you swap them out for charm, don’t throw them away as they’ll allow you to make a new starter bracelet. When you keep collecting more charms, you’ll find that you’ll have a few bracelets in no time at all.

One of my favourite things about Nomination charm bracelets is that bracelets can be connected together to create a cuff effect. You may have noticed that cuffs are becoming very popular at the moment so these Nomination bracelets certainly follow the trend! They’re stylish and unique and I wear my bracelets as a cuff most days.

You will find Nomination charms come in a range of different materials including stones, enamel, cubic zirconia, silver and gold. The best way to choose which material of charm to go for is to decide the style you want then buy charms in the material to complement this. I’ve gone for a beach-themed bracelet so I have lots of stone charms and silver charms on my bracelet … I love it!

You will find that people tend to buy charms for their Nomination bracelets that show off and element of their lives like their hobbies or children. For example, you can get number charms that you can give as gifts for people’s birthdays. There are also Christmas-themed charms available.

Nomination charms appeal to people of all ages – I can imagine every member of my family wanting one! There are even special themed charms for children that are absolutely adorable.

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