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I’m a massive fan of Thomas Sabo and Pandora jewellery and have lots of jewellery from both brands in my jewellery box. Out of the two brands, it’s difficult to figure out which one is better …  I thought I’d have a closer look and write an article to explain more about the two brands!

Charm Bracelets

The main thing that Pandora are known for are their charm bracelets – they’re extremely popular and this is down to the fact that they’re gorgeous. There are so many different charms in the collection so there are lots of designs to choose from. The Murano charms are my favourite style of charm because they’re really bright and stand out brilliantly – they’re so vibrant and are perfect for summer. I would say that there is a slight fault with the Pandora charm bracelets though as the clasp is really different to open, I often struggle.

I love Thomas Sabo charm bracelets – the designs are definitely my sort of style. Pandora charms are more popular than Thomas Sabo ones but this is actually makes Thomas Sabo charm bracelets more appealing to me because they’re less common. I like to wear different jewellery to everybody else. The detailing on Thomas Sabo charms is better than on Pandora charms in my opinion.


There are some really gorgeous pairs of earrings in the Pandora collection. I love how there are so many different styles to choose from. I wear Pandora studs every single day and have a few pairs of statement earrings from the range too than I wear during the evening. The designs are feminine and intricate; you get your money’s worth out of them!  The statement earrings make you feel really glamorous and I’d definitely recommend buying a pair.

Thomas Sabo manufactures some nice earrings however I do feel like these are the part of the Thomas Sabo jewellery collection that let them down slightly. I think this because there aren’t many different types of earrings in the collection to choose from and the designs aren’t really creative enough. Thomas Sabo usually designs really unique, funky items of jewellery, but the earrings don’t really live up to my expectations.


There are a few Pandora rings in my jewellery box at the moment. I’d never buy them for myself but I like receiving them as gifts. There are gorgeous designs for everyday wear however they’re not really glamorous enough to wear on an evening. Last Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend bought me a really cute silver love heart Pandora ring which is really cute and the perfect gift!

Thomas Sabo design the best rings … they’re really uniquely designed and are perfect for both nights out and day to day wear. I really like wearing things with sparkles and skulls at the moment so Thomas Sabo rings are perfect.

Overall, Thomas Sabo has to be favourite (even if the earrings let them down) … I just prefer them because I think you get a better quality item out of them.

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