How To Go About Passing Your Driving Test

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Passing your driving test is one of the most exciting and frustrating things you will have to do in your life. On one hand you are on the verge of freedom, whether you are 17 or 40 years old first learning to drive and having that freedom to go wherever you like whenever you like is like nothing else. On the other hand however it is expensive and takes a long time to do unless you know all of the tips and tricks to speed up the process.

First of all it is important to remember that you don’t need to have ever even stepped in a car to be able to take and pass your theory test, this can be done well in advance of starting your actual driving lessons and the theory test is valid for 2 years meaning you have a full 2 years to take the practical part of your driving test before it becomes invalid. The theory test costs £31 and should you fail you can retake it again three working days later, this can be done as many times as you like until you pass.

So, by the time you come to start your actual driving lessons your theory test should already be in the bag. In terms of learning people take completely different length of time, some people who have even a little experience of driving a car can take 10 lessons where as others can take 30. Remember, it’s not just about driving the car but also about being safe, knowing the right procedures and taking the correct precautions, so even if you are capable of most driving maneouvres when you start your lessons you should still pay as much attention as others.

If you are in a rush then many driving instructors offer intensive courses where instead of doing the traditional 1 hour lesson a week they can take you for 5 hours a day every day until you have passed, this can speed up the process ten fold. When you pass your test it is also definitely worthwhile taking the pass plus exam, most instructors such as Lanes School of Driving offer this service so you can continue to learn with the same instructor. Pass Plus is an advanced driving course that when completed lowers your insurance premiums substantially so is definitely worthwhile doing.

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