How To Take The Perfect Photograph

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Taking a photo is very easy, taking a good photo however is much more difficult. Modern cameras and phones have plenty of ‘auto’ features to help you out along the way but this does detract from the photo, it is effectively taking the  middle ground on all of the options rather than choosing the best custom setting. In this article I will give a few tips on things to set up before you take your photo to give the best possible outcome.

Background & Composition

This is effectively the planning stage of your photograph, it is the artistic, creative side of taking one. Think about where in the frame you want the person/object to be, think about how big you want them to be and where in relation to the background you want them to appear. The background should add to the focal point of your photo rather than drawing your attention away from it. For example, if you are taking a photo of a person don’t have a background full of animals or the viewer will spend more time looking at that than the actual person. Once you have the background and composition sorted you can move on to the next stag…

Exposure & Lighting

The big difference between amateur and professional photographers like Rob Bennett Photographer is the lighting.  Professionals have an eye for it as well as many tools to check lighting intensity. There are basics to lighting such as don’t have a person staring in to the sun and don’t have them with their back to the sun either, this ruins the exposure of the photo as the person will either be too dark or too light. If you want to take a photo like this you’d have to use a graduated filter to get the exposure right which is getting a lot more advanced. The right level of exposure should be easy to tell but don’t rush setting up this stage.

Post Photo Editing

If you make a mistake in the setting up of the photo or you would like to filter/edit it in some way to either make it black and white of take an object out of it you can do some editing in photoshop. The software has got so sophisticated now that there isn’t much you can’t do on it. You can fine edit the exposure, colour levels and contrast before printing it to make sure that the photo is perfect.

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