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Your Perfectly Themed Wedding

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Whether you mean to or not, your wedding is likely going to have a certain ‘feel’ to it. Learn the most popular and unique wedding theme trends, and how you can create the best themed wedding for your personality so you and your guests have a fabulous time on your big day. You don’t have to follow trends, just follow what you like, and use these wedding themes to help you find one that you will love as well.

Traditional themes you can love

Many people love the classic wedding themes of romance and lace, and this is a theme you can carry into your own nuptials. Simply incorporate lace, pearls, and candles into your centerpieces, accessories, and other areas of your venue for a classic touch on your big day and make your guests swoon.

Another traditional theme you can love is the classic floral theme of roses and calla lilies. Choose any color spectrums you like, however red and yellow tend to be pleasing favorites, and you can let the flowers of your wedding be the conversation pieces of your big day. These simple and elegant themes are great for the wedding couple who aren’t sure which route they want to take, or for couples who want to make sure they choose a theme that is pleasing to all their guests.

Quirky and unique themes that can make you stand out

Of course, for as many traditional themes as there are for weddings, there are an equal amount of quirky and unique themes that can really make your day memorable. From ‘Day of the Dead’ nuptials to weddings being placed in the oddest of locales (like a cave or underwater), there are many themes you can try to fit both your venue and your personality to make your big day truly one of a kind.

For the grunge in you, steampunk nuptials are all the rage, or you can try going for a gamer wedding if you are into video games. The real trend in seemingly strange wedding themes is this- choose a theme that revolves around something you love, be it dogs or the Flinstones, and you are sure to have a great wedding day that you and all your guests will love. In choosing a theme that matches your personality and things you enjoy, you are sure to love your wedding theme that much more and feel less like you are simply following a trend.

Let your dress be your guide

Not sure what theme you should go for? Your dress can clue you in. If you have a giant ballgown, perhaps a fairytale theme is more your style. A gothic dress, or a dress in a non-traditional color may call for a punk or roller rink wedding theme to suit your fun personality. If you have a mermaid wedding dress, a classic and romantic wedding theme may be just what you are looking for. In general, your wedding dress is going to say a lot about your personality, and can be a driving force to help you pick the perfect theme to make your wedding day one that you will love to remember for a lifetime.

There are hundreds of wedding themes out there to allow you to have the perfect wedding of your dreams. In knowing just what your options are, you can find a theme that you can tailor to fit your needs and style best. Whatever type of theme you choose, make sure it suits your personality so you can truly enjoy your nuptials. Whatever theme you pick for your wedding day, know that what makes your big day truly unique is you and the people you allow to be part of your special moment, and that what really matters in the end is that everyone has a fabulous time.

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