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What is a post-production transcript?

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Post-production transcripts are used by television and film production teams.  These transcripts are produced after the production has been completed and provide a definitive word for word, shot by shot, minute by minute account of the film.  The post-production transcript is an integral part of any production and must be meticulously recorded with painstaking thoroughness.

This kind of transcription can either be produced in-house or by a company specialising in it professionally such as Take 1 transcription.  Because of the importance of the post-production transcript it is beneficial to get it done professionally by an experienced transcription company to ensure that it is of the highest quality.

A finalised video recording of the production is used to produce the post-production transcript.  The transcript will contain the entire film or television script from start to finish as it appears in your finished production.  As well as the script, a post production transcript includes details of each shot, any onscreen captions and the titles of each music cue.  Everything that happens throughout the transcript is also labelled with a timecode so that sections or lines from the script can easily be referenced.

Post production transcripts have a variety of different uses making them vital to the production team.  The transcripts can be used when re-languaging a film, for example if you are producing a dubbed version of the production in a different language.

They are also useful when producing subtitles for a production either in the same language for people that are deaf or hard of hearing or in a different language.

Post-production transcripts are also useful if there needs to be any revisions made to the production.  If any speeches or sections of the production need to be removed or if the length needs to be cut or split up then the timecoding on the post-production transcript makes this simple.

Creating a post-production transcript of your film or television show is not simply an option; it is an essential part of the process.  There are many professional companies that can offer high quality transcription services that will save your production time and money.

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