How To Prepare A Successful 50th Wedding Anniversary Party

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Wedding anniversaries are special occasions, the time to celebrate a strong and loving relationship, and to welcome many more anniversaries to come. But there’s something extraordinary about celebrating a 50th anniversary.

This marks a huge milestone in a marriage and only solidifies a couple’s commitment to each other. Such occurrences are rare but not uncommon. New data shows that divorce rates have been steadily dropping and that more marriages are lasting longer than just a few decades ago.

Planning a 50th wedding anniversary isn’t like planning any other anniversary or event. The following tips will help you to prepare a successful anniversary party.

Start planning: It’s never too early to start planning the anniversary. The sooner you get started, the better. The key to throwing a successful 50th anniversary party is to plan all the details in advance. Start by buying a few folders so everything can be tracked. Each folder should be clearly marked so you can refer back to it later on.

Choose a venue: The venue should hold some sort of significance to the couple. Ideas can include where the couple initially got married, the place where the husband proposed or even somewhere completely unexpected. Make reservations as early as possible and ensure they are able to accommodate your guest list.

Prepare a guest list: Notify all friends and family well in advance of the anniversary party to see which date works best for everyone. When a date has finally been set, it’s time to start preparing 50th anniversary invitations and sending them out once they are done.

Hire entertainment services: An anniversary is not a real party without entertainment. Prepare a list of songs that you would want to be played. Then hire a DJ or a band that can play these songs at the venue and even take requests on the day of. You can also consider hiring professional photographers for the special day.

Plan dining services: The food should also be prepared in advance. You could either prepare all the food yourself or hire a professional catering service if the budget allows. Or you can make it more interesting by having all invited guests bring a homemade dish or dessert.

Hire professional vendors: If you are pressed for time then you may need to hire professional vendors to ensure everything goes according to plan. From preparing decorations to sending anniversary invitations, preparing a 50th wedding anniversary requires a tremendous amount of effort.

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