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How to Prepare for Volunteering in Cusco

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Cusco is a region in Peru that has an amazing landscape. The lowest elevation in the region is about 2,000 feet while its highest elevation is more than 11,000 feet above sea level. Most of the places here experience cold climate in the entire year because of its high elevation. The region is also known for its diverse culture, fascinating sceneries and landscape, and rich history.

When you sign up as a volunteer Cusco, there are necessary preparations that you need to do. How much you prepare for this trip can greatly affect your overall experience as a volunteer Cusco.

1. Bring the right clothing. The region of Cusco has a subtropical highland climate that is generally temperate and dry. From April to October, this region experiences dry season with an abundance of sunlight and occasional freezes during the night. The coolest month is July with an average of about 9.5 degrees Celsius. From November to March, it is wet season in the region. Night frost is not very common during these months. When you pack your things, consider what month or months your volunteer Cusco placement will be then bring appropriate clothing that can make you comfortable depending on the climate.

2. Prepare to be physically fit. Cusco is far from Western countries and other countries in Asia where most volunteer Cusco would come from. And having come a long way, it is difficult to get sick while volunteering. That is why one of your most important preparations is to physically preparation. Ideally, start regular exercise and watch out on your diet a month before your trip. This should give you enough time to prepare your body for the strenuous work as volunteer Cusco.

3. Prepare your emotional health. It is also important that when you participate in any volunteer Cusco program, you should be able to prepare yourself emotionally before your trip. Research on your program location, works involved, people you will be working with, and other pertinent details about your program placement. This way, you will have an idea on what to expect as soon as you arrive in your placement location. Your emotional preparation can greatly help you especially during the first few days of your adjustment period.

4. Bring something that you think can help you be more effective in your volunteer work. If you think that a certain tool or material can help you in teaching children or construction work where you will be working as a volunteer Cusco, bring it with you as long as it will not cost you much extra baggage on the plane. Also, bring only materials that you think are not available in Cusco. If you can buy the same material, it is better to just buy it as soon as you arrive in Cusco.

Enough preparation can greatly help you as a volunteer Cusco. The things listed here are just some of the important preparations that you can do before your scheduled trip to Cusco. If you prepare in advance, you can better prepare yourself for the volunteer works involved, be more effective in your work, and be able to have a meaningful volunteer experience.

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