How to become a private investigator

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A private investigator may not be one of the most obvious career choices, but it is one that provides varied, exciting and interesting work – and it’s a pretty impressive job title too!

Private investigators are usually self-employed and then hired by companies from a large variety of industries including councils, insurance companies, legal and financial professions and internet businesses; they are also sometimes used by individuals.

What do they do?

The work that private investigators carry out involves a lot of information and fact checking.  The type of tasks that a private investigator may carry out in a typical day at work include tracing missing people, tracking individuals,  carrying out background checks on people, investigating piracy, looking at legal documents, and investigating fraud.

Training and experience needed

If you’re still interested in becoming a private investigator then you’ll need a bit of experience or training behind you first.  If you’re looking for a position as a private investigator working for an organisation then it will be beneficial if you already have some relevant investigative work experience working for the police, local authorities or armed forces.  If you want to work as a self-employed, independent private investigator then you will need to put yourself through professional private investigator training to become a qualified private investigator.  You will also need to learn how to run your own business if you don’t already.

Skills and knowledge needed

One of the most important skills that private investigators need are strong observational skills, private investigators see things that others may overlook.  You will also need to be a confident communicator with great spoken and written communication skills so that you can speak to people effectively to carry out your investigations and get the information that you need.  Great personality traits to have in order to be a good private investigator include honesty, integrity, patience and perseverance.  You will also need a logical mind in order to analyse information effectively.  To work as a private investigator you will need basic computer skills and knowledge of the law; this will be covered during your private investigator training.  The majority of your time as a private investigator will be spent working alone, so you need to be comfortable with this.

Working as a private investigator brings new challenges every day and is a very interesting, demanding and rewarding career, although competition in the field is fierce.  Make sure that you choose a comprehensive and professional private investigator training course to set you up on the road to success in your chosen career.

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