What To Consider When Doing Your Product Packaging Design

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Packaging is a vital part of launching any new product, it doesn’t matter how good the actual design of the product is if they design of its packaging it bad because the first thing a customer sees is what is on the outside, not what is on the inside. There are various ‘rules’ and forumlas to follow that the professionals like Rombus Packaging Solutions know inside out but other than that a little creative flare can go a long way to deciding the success of your launch. Good packaging can turn a boring, mundane, everyday product in to something a little more exciting to buy.

The first thing to remember is when a customer is browsing products that all do a similar function the two deciding factors are likely to be the look of the product packaging and the price. A customer on average will look at a product for 0.5 seconds and in that time they have to make their mind up if they want to take a closer look at something, therefore your design has to really stand out and appeal to them instantly. The best ways of making your product stand out are either by using bright packaging, a different shape of packaging or a completely different look to it. For example, if you are selling shower gel or deoderant go for something nobody else it doing, you might want to have an old, vintage style look on your container or a metal container.

Aside from the colour, size and shape of the packaging the other important factor to consider is how well you are communicate what your product is/does. People need to be able to see the packaging and associate it with its purpose instantly. For example, if you are selling a hair product people need to be able to tell from that packaging what it is, there are many similar hair products but the best ones have a clue on the packagine to tell what it is. ‘Dove’ have their standard ‘drop’ to signify it is a moisteuriser, L’oreal will make the colour of their packaging the colour of the hair dye inside it so you can instantly tell it is hair dye within it.

The key to great product packaging design is making a customers mind up for them and making it so easy that you have made the decision for them.

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