Reach for the Skies (Literally) in 2014

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As the roads become even more congested, driving a car is no longer the pleasurable experience of yesteryear. It’s one thing to have the very latest supercar sitting in your garage but if you can’t enjoy its prowess, there seems little point in owning it.

Take up flying as a hobby

An increasing number of people are taking up flying; an exhilarating hobby which allows them to embrace the freedom of the skies. A Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) is an essential step in order to fly your own Cessna or any other make of light aircraft. If you want to experience the delights of flying in one of these planes, then go online and get browsing – there is probably a flying school near you. Go Fly UK is just one of the many companies that will give you lessons, whether you want to treat yourself to a once in a lifetime experience or work towards a career as a pilot.

Preparations for flying lessons


Initially, it’s a good idea to book in for a trial flying lesson. However much you might love the idea of your independence and developing the skills that you’ll need to get your PPL, it’s sensible to have a taster of what this will entail. You also have to be in peak medical health as a health examination is part of the qualifying process.

Commitment to your new hobby


As well as a physical examination, you will have to prove that you’ve flown for over 45 hours in order to pass your PPL exam. You can always take the National Private Pilot’s Licence (NPPL) exam if you only want to fly national boundaries. The medical isn’t quite so stringent, and you only have to have 32 flying hours under your belt. Whichever route you opt for, you will need to demonstrate commitment and be prepared to spend a substantial amount of your free time upping your hours and immersing yourself in study to gain a real insight into this exciting career or hobby.

The benefits of flying


If you’ve ever been stuck in a traffic jam or fought against public transport delays and envied the freedom of the small planes leaving their plumes of vapour in the skies above you, perhaps you should consider taking PPL lessons. Nearly every major town in the UK has an airfield nearby. If you want to enjoy freedom and taking a bird’s eye view of the world, then flying may just be the perfect activity for you.

Just think about it, instead of sitting behind the wheel of your car are shuffling from foot to foot on a crowded train platform, you could soar above and enjoy unrestricted access to space and freedom in the skies.

You need only look at news headlines for proof that ground-based transport is struggling as the recent tube strikes in London caused days of travel delays thanks to 48-hour strike action. The decision to take the strike was made late on Tuesday 04 February and meant tube stations were left with thin staff offerings to help guide the 3 million people who use the service every day.

With action like this becoming more commonplace, people are unsurprisingly becoming disillusioned by public transport – seeking alternative travel methods that put them back in control. This is exactly what flying does. With your own licence and the ability to take to the skies at convenient times and place, you can enjoy the thrill of setting your own travel schedule and sticking to it before coming back down to earth.

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