Reasons for Not Doing Hotel Management Course in Foreign University

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Every year a large number of talented students take admission in the foreign university with the aim to prosper in their career. There is a typical idea that education system in other countries is better than their own. Even a few years back, students had to travel outside to set their future but things have changed over time. If you want to join the booming hospitality industry, then the hotel management courses in India are perfect to give colors to your dreams. However, there are many other reasons that can also act as important factors in avoiding any foreign university to do Hotel Management Course.

– How sure are you about the possibility of quality education overseas? In most cases it is often taken for granted, as the university is placed in a foreign country, the education imparted must be of higher quality. However, any of them turned out to be an ordinary college and they even fail to provide proper placement to the students. So, why should you go to a foreign land when you have a large number of colleges in your homeland? The hotel management courses are good enough to train the students to get a job anywhere in the world.

– The next disadvantage of studying in a foreign university is the distance factor. Staying away from family is really tough. You may enjoy the independent feeling and plunging onto anything that you like. But there are times, when it becomes difficult to take decision. This becomes easy when you are with your family. Moreover, hotel management is a full time course, which includes practical sessions along with theory classes. Your family can support you a lot when you are having a hectic schedule. But staying alone in a distant land brings in additional responsibilities. Culture and communication differences are some of the other factors that are matter of concern, when you study in a foreign university.

– Cost is yet an important factor that cannot be ignored. First of all, when compared to other courses, hotel management is a bit costly coursework. But studying abroad involves a lot of money. It is not only the college fees, but there are other costs that include room, meals, bills and what not. You even have to take a part-time job to pay up your expanses. It also becomes difficult to return home because plane fares are really huge. Cost of living for students is very high in a foreign land. So, there is no point in opting for universities outside when colleges in your town can give you the qualification that is at par with renowned universities of the world.

Travel and tourism is one of the most booming sectors in India. With time, the love to see new places has brought in more and more travelers to India. This in turn has given a spurt to a number of hotels in every city. The increasing demand of trained staff gave birth to a number of hotel management colleges, promising placement to students both in India and in foreign countries. All these finally point to one thing and that is, if you want to be a part of the hospitality industry, the hotel management colleges in India can boost your aspiration.  

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