Six Reasons to Join a Weight Loss Camp

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Thanks to The Biggest Loser, weight loss camps have gained some notoriety. However, people with a weight problem still need some impetus to attend one. They see their problem as one-dimensional. In actuality, their mind-body-spirit connection needs to be adjusted. Those with weight problems didn’t become so using only one part of the equation. Weight loss camps give weight control seekers information on healthy lifestyle habits to balance the mind, good food and exercise to balance the body and behavioral counseling to balance the spirit. Still need a reason to attend a weight loss camp? Try these.

1. Doctor’s Orders 

Like dominoes (not the pizza), weight problems tip over the heart with heart disease, the thyroid with hypothyroidism, the liver with cirrhosis and the gallbladder with gallstones. A doctor will tell overweight folks that the weight affects everything, including high blood pressure, sleep apnea and joint pain, to name a few. Medications treating these diseases are expensive. Signing up for an adult weight loss camp might make better financial as well as physical sense.

2. Job Discrimination

It shouldn’t be so, but employers discriminate. Not only color and religion are considered, but also physical points such as weight and gray hair. Unfortunately, a job calling for standing eight or nine hours, for example, could cause serious pain to an overweight person. If a job called for a lot of walking, like a delivery person or a warehouse worker, then an overweight person might suffer. This can depress the spirit and mind so the person doesn’t care anymore. It’s time for a weight loss camp to adjust the mind-body-spirit connection, so this individual feels worthy again.

3. Peer Pressure

It’s the rare friend who loves us just the way we are. There are a few out there. Everyone knows someone who knows what’s right for everyone, though. Don’t choke them, yet, because they do a good job sending sufferers to fat camps. There, they’re surrounded by people in the same boat who understand and support them.

4. Prolong Life

John Candy is the perfect example of a brilliant life cut short by obesity. Everyone knows someone whose life is in danger from a weight control problem. Those folks often have family who would love to see them hang around longer. Fat camps for adults are there for those who can’t do it alone.

5. Better Quality of Life

Everyone sees the runners on their way to work, or those walking to work or to catch the bus or train. People want to be healthy and enjoy a better lifestyle. They want to fit into the latest fashions. They want to smile as heads turn when they walk into a room. Improved mental acuity, better sleep and less stress are theirs for the asking. They just need to sign up for a weight loss camp for adults. Life isn’t necessarily better thin, but it is better when the body is at peak good health.

6. Self-Esteem

A body can’t function at full capacity if the mind and spirit are dark. Society has decreed that overweight people aren’t good enough. An active campaign to turn them from “the dark side” has spawned one good thing: the adult fat camp. These dedicated nurturers will help folks lose the weight, keep it off and repair the damage done to the psyche by a misguided society. They were once there, too, and they’ll continue to be there as long as folks need them.

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