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How to Rock Summer 2013 Catwalk Fashion Trends

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Here’s a rundown of what items of clothing are in fashion this season and of how to make decisions about what to try on based on how clothing is presented in the store.

Finally, summer has arrived. Nobody likes shopping for beachwear in the rain, but there’s still plenty of time to hit the high street if you’re behind and here’s a quick guide to what to look out for if you want to be bang on trend this season. These ideas come straight from the catwalk, but add your own twist to lower cost clothing to keep within your budget.

Catwalk Fashion Trends

Believe it or not, monochrome is everywhere. Not very summery, perhaps, but it provides some real chic to your summer wardrobe. There is an angularity to some of the trends this year, design-wise and the monochrome makes more sense when you see it in the context of other trends.

Sitting easily with the monochrome theme is the geometric fabric designs on the catwalk at present. Stripes, jumbo checks and clever optical illusion patterns are really on trend. Breaking out from the confines of monochrome, you can find bold bright colours in geometric styling, so let your imagination run wild   as long as it’s within those straight lines. It really helps to look at how stores dress their models and use other shop fittings to highlight which clothes go together.

The Sixties were all over the runway this year too   they fit in well with the colourful geometrics, with bold primary colours taking the lead, rather than monochrome. Designers have adapted old Pop Art prints and mashed them up with simple sixties styling.

It never gets tired. Minimalism is a gift some designers excel at and summer is the perfect time to showcase this style. You can achieve effortless chic, just by buying two or three simple pieces. Linen, is as popular as ever and quality cotton. Look at Calvin Klein and Nicole Farhi for inspiration and make the style your own. Simple lines, cool tones and understated styling will make you look calm and collected, even when the sun is at its hottest.

Geisha Cool
Geisha style has landed, out of nowhere. Shocking, stunning, gorgeous, eye-popping geisha fabrics and styles are a huge trend this year. Prada, Hermes and Emporio Armani offerings are well worth a look   you’ll love what you see.

It’s a great year for mixing things up, whether you want to clash your colours, stay streamlined with rebellious touches, or simply wish to play it safe. Remember to keep an eye on those shop fittings and displays. All fashion stores will be catwalk savvy and it will help to see not only how clothes look on, but also which combination of different styles go together. See if you can spot the geometrics with the monochromes. Look out for aqua blue, long fringes and big flowers too. You should see all of these trends on the high-street this season.

Tez Karen started in fashion early. She organised the complete shop fittings for a design store at the age of just sixteen. After several years in the industry she is now a writer for a number of fashion houses and magazines.

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