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Rolex – 5 Ways to Spot a Fake One

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If you decide that you would like to buy a Rolex watch, then you could end up spending a lot of money. However, Rolex watches can increase significantly in value and so it can be worth spending the money. You do need to be sure that the watch you are buying is a genuine one though as there are a lot of fakes around on the market. There are some ways that you can spot a fake watch and five of them are listed below.


The back of the Rolex watch is rarely clear. However, there are many fakes which do have a clear back. These will allow you to see the workings of the watch inside and although this is a nice feature, it will be unlikely to a Rolex if it has this. Only two Rolex models had clear backs and these were both made in the 1930’s and were not production models. These manual wind watches are extremely rare.

The casebacks are never engraved either. In some fakes you will see engravings on the back or hallmarks and designs. Genuine models are usually smooth apart from ladies models. Pre 1990’s models would sometimes have an arced text stating Original Rolex design or similar. There is also a Sea-Dweller model that has ‘Rolex Oyster Original Gas Escape Valve’ on the back.


All genuine Rolex watches have a £D hologram sticker on the back. It has the Rolex crown logo and the case reference number. Although fakes may have a sticker, it is often not a hologram. The crown logo was not put on the stickers until after 2002 and the reference number also looked different.


On current Rolex models apart from the Sea Dweller there is a glass bubble over the date display which magnifies it. This is often not as strong a magnification on fake models. It should be 2.5 times the size. The date should fill up the glass bubble area if the magnification is correct. Some fakes now have a larger date wheel to make it look like it is being magnified more.

Daytona Hands

The hands of fake Rolex watches are often not correct. The minute hand should reach all the way to the minute hand markers and fakes can be shorter. The shape may also be incorrect with modern Rolex watch hands having rounded tips.

Micro Etched Crystal

Since 2002 Rolex started putting a micro etched logo on the watches. This is at the 6 O’Clock position and is very tiny. It is hard to see with the naked eye but is visible just below the ‘6’ market under where it says ‘Swiss made’.

This is just a few of the possible faults that you may see with a fake Rolex. It can be worth picking up a Rolex guide book that has pictures and details of all the models. This means that if you are buying a second hand watch you will know what to look out for. Details of the current range will be available on the Rolex website so check those out as well.

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