Safe Methods To Lighten Skin Tone Through Your Daily Routine

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Whether you’re seeking lighter skin to give you a more even tone or are more interested in the effects that ageing can have on your skin, it is vital that you follow the correct advice in order to this cheaply, effectively and most importantly SAFELY!

One thing we must never forget when trying to achieve our desired result is that a healthy lifestyle is imperative to this, so I have put together a simple guide to reaching your desired effects whilst keeping to the above ideals. Best of all this can be done at completely at home with no need to visit your dermatologist.

  • Firstly and most importantly avoid any direct sunlight from affecting your skin tone. Ensure that you regularly use sun tan lotion (+20SPF) , especially in the summer months, this will not only help to protect your skin from dangerous UV rays which actually increase the “tanning” melanin level in your skin but it will also help to moisturise your skin (more on that later).
  • Drink lots of water (8 glasses a day is recommended). Water has many important health benefits from aiding our digestive and circulatory systems, in addition to the fact that it helps skin cells to function correctly and many experts state that it gives skin a healthy glow.
  • Similarly ensure you maintain a healthy diet, ensuring that your fruit and veg intake is full of colour such as tomato’s, carrots, oranges and beetroot. These are full of carotene which ensures healthy pigmentation thus preventing a blotchy and uneven skin tone, in addition to thus use a good olive oil as once again this will help to keep skin moisturised, be careful not to use too much though as this will result in oily skin.
  • Use a good natural skin whitening cream, as well as many home remedies such as lemon juice or yoghurt, but due to advancements in technology there are now inexpensive and safe products that can be used, this can be bought from specialists such as Ivory Caps UK, a good rule of thumb on safety is the more natural a product it is the less harmful your skin it will be and to avoid products that use bleach.
  • Ensure your skin is moisturised throughout day and night, we have already covered the regular use of sun tan lotion which will moisturise, in addition to this use a good moisturiser at night which will ensure your skin repairs whilst your asleep (this is when our body repairs cells) meaning that not only are you protecting your skin but you will wake up feeling revitalised.
  • Wash your face 2 -3 times a day, washing your face will remove dead skin cells from the surface which can give skin darker tone, ensure that you do not over wash and that you rinse any soap/cleanser off fully as if not you will in turn dry your skin, meaning that it will tan quicker. Sensitive face washes are a good way to prevent this.
  • Our last tip is less about skin whitening and more about ensuring that you stick to and tweek your routine to your lifestyle, keep a regular photo diary so that you can see the changes, and if any drastic changes to your skincare routine is having effect on this.

When experimenting with any routine change, whether it is exercise, diet or skin care, we must remember that results will not be instant and the importance of regularity and consistency, this will in turn bring about long lasting results.

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