Sensational Indian Honeymoon Destinations

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No wedding is complete without a relaxing escape to a beautiful getaway Island, and honeymoons in India are becoming more and more popular across all different cultures and countries. There is something for everyone when honeymooning in India, which means you truly can find the ultimate escape for you. Have a look at the following honeymoon destinations in India, or visit Hitched to find out more information.



Goa is fast growing in popularity across the entire world as a luxury honeymoon destination. Goa, being the most popular state of India, is a highly thought of attraction, offering of scenic sightseeing and relaxing on stunning sandy beaches.

There are plenty of beaches to visit, with soft, warm sand, and the clear blue ocean lapping up over the shore. It is a dream location to relax in a sunbed whilst watching the sun set in the sky and sharing the experience with your newlywed other half.

Taste the local cuisine or be adventurous and spend a day on one of Goa’s Gambol boats, which is an exotic floating casino above the blue ocean. You can also get a feel for the tradition Indian culture, by visiting some of the old ruins and temples that also attract lots of tourists to the area.



Kerala is also a very popular honeymoon destination in India, attracting attention at all of its tourist points. It finds the right balance between exciting and adventurous things to do, but also having a place that it peaceful and quiet for you and your other half to enjoy together.

You can enjoy a peaceful cruise along the Kerala Backwaters, which are made up of interjoining waterways between lakes, lagoons and islands. The houseboats are amazingly crafted traditional Indian boats, and are stunning to look at themselves, let alone the scenic views of lagoons and blue skies.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands


If you love tropical rainforests, sandy beaches and crystal clear oceans, Andaman and Nicobar Islands is the place for you. Andaman and Nicobar are a cluster of hundreds of islands, all nearby to one and other, reachable by boat.

The islands are referred to as Mini India, and is known for its unique peace and harmony between all cultures, languages, ethnic groups and religions.

The speciality cuisine is seafood, freshly caught and served on the islands. The water is completely unpolluted, which means all crabs, lobsters, prawns, fish and other sea foods taste absolutely exquisite.

You are also able to snorkel and scuba dive whilst on your stay, and explore all the caves and sea creatures under the stunning blue ocean. Camping is also an option on the island, along with lots of other luxurious accommodation available.



Agra is rich in culture and history, which means if you are interested in visiting some of India’s stunning historic temples and the famous Taj Mahal, Agra is the place for you.

There is nothing more romantic than visiting the stunning wonder of the world, Taj Mahal on your honeymoon. The huge temple is a work of art, built with semi precious stones and in pure white marble, it will take your breath away.

There are lots of other temples and historic monuments to visit in Agra, where you can get a real taste of Indian culture. If you want to spend your honeymoon with your newlywed other half by exploring an incredible and romantic destination, Agra could be the dream destination for you.

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