How To Make The Most Of Your Small Living Room

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Having a small living room can make you feel like you don’t have many options when it comes to decorating and trying to make it look contemporary and spacious, there are however quite a few tips and tricks when it comes to getting the most out of your room and making it look bigger, this article will list a few ideas to be getting on with.

First of all when it comes to choosing the colour always go for something light, Newton roofing informs us that dark rooms look smaller and never paint the ceiling anything other than white. This doesn’t mean your walls have to be white, pale pastel colours always look very good in smaller rooms. You also have the option of whether to have a feature wall or not. A feature wall provides a focal point in the room, you would have three walls painted normally and then a feature wall which may have some kind of pattern on and much more colour. This is a very fashionable, contemporary design at the moment.

The flooring is best if it isn’t carpet, in smaller rooms hardwood, laminate or stone flooring goes well, it makes the room look and sound bigger and the reflection off tiles (should you choose them) always make the room bigger in the same way a mirror does. Everyone knows mirrors are essential in small rooms, they really make a huge different so putting a mirror in the centre of the room, perhaps above the fireplace always works really well.

When it comes to furnishing the room don’t get anything over the top, over the top means a 60” LED TV that makes everything else in the room (including the room as a whole) look small, this goes for furniture as well, buying furniture that is too big or bulky will not only take more space up but will also make everything else look smaller. The finishing touches in your room should be should link all of the colours up together, if you chose to go for a red feature wall then perhaps visit Pennywise Furniture and get a sofa that has little flecks of red in or curtains with red in. Just try and carry that colour on throughout the room to complete it.

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