The Smell of Feeling Well: 7 Beneficial Aromatherapy Scents

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Aromatherapy has been growing in popularity every year, as more and more studies come out showing positive health results from the use of this wonderfully-scented treatment for specific ailments.

Recent research has shown that aromatherapy can alter brain waves, change behavior and increase feelings of happiness, which lowers the production of the stress hormone cortisol. This finding is especially significant, as excessive cortisol production in the body can cause weight gain, especially around the abdomen, adversely affecting health in many ways when fat surrounds the internal organs and impedes their functions.

When added to a stress-reducing massage, using scented massage oils can magnify the benefits of aromatherapy, producing positive results. Aromatherapy can also be achieved via candles, incense, oil-warmers, diffusers and essential oils or scented lotions rubbed on the pulse points of the body.


Below are some popular aromatherapy scents, and how they are believed to benefit the user:



1. Peppermint—


This scent is popular with people who suffer from stress and headaches, as well as being known for promoting concentration in those who use the scent in the air around them while they work.

If you’re trying to stay alert, calm and focused, peppermint would be a great aromatherapy scent to release in the air around your work station by using a candle, diffuser or oil warmer.



2. Rosemary—


Rosemary is known for producing feelings of contentment in people, making it a scent for beauty products that is growing in popularity. Because it has been shown to enhance good feelings, it is also helpful in reducing cortisol production in the body, and by proxy, weight gain in the belly area.

Incredibly easy to grow (and perennial in many climates), this hardy, lovely-smelling herb also increases mental clarity, and would make a wonderful addition to any daily aromatherapy regimen.



3. Lavender—


Because it has been shown in studies to soothe people and make them feel emotionally happier, lavender has become a common scent in many products intended to calm the user, such as baby lotions and bath oils.

Shown to reduce stress hormones and scientifically proven to promote deep sleep in babies and adults, lavender aromatherapy would be an excellent choice for anyone suffering from anxiety-induced insomnia.



4. Vanilla—


Perhaps because so many of us associate vanilla with comforting desserts and pleasant holiday baking-related memories, vanilla is a very calming, homey scent for many people.

If your life feels unbalanced and hectic, vanilla aromatherapy can have a grounding effect on your psyche by reminding you of the simpler days of childhood and pulling you back down to your beginnings for a fresh start… or at least for a few much-needed deep breaths.



5. Jasmine—


Many consider jasmine to be a romantic scent, making us feel warm, hopeful and loved.

If you are suffering from depression, or going through a situational sad patch, jasmine can help lift your spirits and soothe your soul with its sweet, flowery fragrance.



6. Rose—


Is there any scent as timelessly feminine as the rose? This classic bouquet can ease grief or depression, and many believe it can even help balance female hormones when used in the oil form.

Steaming the leaves of this flower can release the scent and oils, and can potentially help reduce feelings of anger and anxiety.



7. Sandalwood—


Earthy and grounding, sandalwood is known for having a sedating effect on many people, calming nerves while bolstering the immune system (as eliminating stress often will).

Sandalwood is also purported to be sexually stimulating for some users, making this aromatherapy scent a possible aphrodisiac (along with patchouli, which is also used by many for this purpose).



These 7 scents are only the tip of the aromatherapy iceberg; there is a vast spectrum of helpful fragrances to be used for many different reasons, depending on what results you’re seeking. Considering that humans can distinguish between around 10,000 different smells, chances are good that everyone can find an aromatherapy scent that makes them feel great.


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