Solo Traveling to Uruguay – The Beginners’ Guide

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Uruguay. The small & long-overlooked country in South America, bordering it’s more popular neighbor’s Argentina and Brazil. The idyllic hotspot is home to 3.3 million Uruguayans, and has the best financial stability in South America. Although it isn’t the most visited place on the continent, the top tourist destinations are Colonia del Sacramento, Punta del Este and Montevideo, its stunning capital. Uruguay is affordable, the weather is amazing, and the place itself has lots to see and do, whether you’re traveling in a group or alone. What’s stopping you? Book your flight to Uruguay today!

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Okay, let’s say your first stop is Montevideo. This idyllic city is often overshadowed by its neighbor on the other side of Rio de La Plata (Silver river);  Buenos Aires, but what many people don’t know is that the compact & friendly city has a variety of wacky and wonderful things to see and do. It’s a great idea to head to the Ramblas, a 13-mile long seafront promenade – a perfect place for photographers. To really get an insight into Montevideo’s unique culture, ‘Mercado del Puerto’ is the ideal location. It can be translated roughly as ‘Port Market’ and provides a lively, colorful mix of Montevideo’s finest. For a truly dazzling sight, head towards the Fountain of Locks on Avenida 18 de Julio. The railings surrounding the fountain are covered with padlocks, each with initials of lovers from all over the world that have signed it themselves.

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Another common tourist spot in Uruguay is Punta del Este, a stunning place that is perfect for beach-lovers and those with a love of water sports. Choose from surfing, parasailing, jet-skiing or water-skiing. Also, a popular sight in Punta del Este is ‘La Mano en la Arena’, the most famous landmark in the area. It’s simply a giant hand emerging from the Playa Brava sands, and won first place in a 1982 art contest, making it famous ever since.

Next on the list is Colonia del Sacramento, the picturesque town that is also a Unesco World Heritage Site. A memorable place to visit here is ‘Iglesia Matriz’, which is Uruguay’s oldest church. Plaza de Armas, where the church is located, is also home to the foundations of a house dating back to when Uruguay was under Portuguese rule. In Colonia del Sacramento there is also a Portuguese Museum, or ‘Museo Portugues’ in Spanish. Here, there are all kinds of Portuguese relics including furniture, maps and porcelain.

Uruguay is a perfect vacation destination for the solo traveler. With a wide variety of things to do and see, everywhere in Uruguay has something that will suit all individual tastes and interests.

Enjoy your vacation!

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