How To Start Your Own Football Team

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Starting and running your own football team sounds like a dream to most fans but in reality it is a lot of hard work! Not only is the set up difficult (and expensive) but the ongoing costs and pressures are high. You may think I am talking about a professional sports team here rather than an amateur one but i’m not, it is the same no matter what you are venturing in to.

The first step is to get the players, there is no team without players after all. One of the best ways to do this if there is only a small group of you is to start a 5-a-side team, playing 5-a-side is not only the best way of training but also a good way of meeting other players. If you play in a league and you spot someone who has real talent then ask him if he is playing for a team, if not, get his name and number and poach him for your  own team. Once you have your players together you need to get a training schedule set up, it is essential that you all know each other well before you start playing together.

Once you have the players set up then you need to get going with the administrative side of things. This is the boring bit but essential to the success of your team. You need to get training supplies and kits sorted out. There are plenty of sites out there who supply full team kits such as Swish Sports, they can offer you the training gear, training accessories and full team kits. You also need to get the team name sorted and get registered in a local league, there are many amateur leagues so make sure you take in to account the cost and quality of each one before you commit to it.

Finally, it is a matter of getting the players paperwork filled out and registered so that they don’t blame you for any injuries sustained while playing. It is then just a matter of getting the players to pay up either each week/month depending on how you want to do it.

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