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Who Gets Struck With The Back Pain Problem?

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back painAccording to the research, human beings are at 75% risk of having back pain related problems in their life time. There are several factors that can cause pain in the upper or lower back, some are quite simple to understand and others might sound disturbing. Serious chronic pain in the back restrains people from performing their duties and tasks to the maximum. It not only results in lack of productivity at the workplace but also contributes to spending thousands of dollars every year for the right treatment of the chronic painful body state.

Lack of Satisfaction in One’s Job

If a person is not completely satisfied with the way he handles the tasks at workplace or is not comfortable in the sitting posture that he has to adopt during the long working hours, there are hundred percent chances of suffering with the chronic back ache. Researchers have proved that the people are at a higher risk of the nagging pain in the back if they are not happy with their work. It can be noticed in today’s deteriorating economy that people work for the jobs with which they are not fully satisfied but actually performing them just for the sake of earning money to live in the competing world.

Chronic Myofascial Dysfunction

The lower back part of the body is known as lumbar region. People with the problem of pain in the back for the past many months are those who have pain in the lower back part rather than the upper one. Chronic backache lasts for couple of months if proper back pain treatment is not performed. One of the highly found causes of pain in the back is chronic myofascial dysfunction. In this situation, the muscle spasm occurs due to the sudden contraction or cramping of the back muscle that produces intense pain or sharp burning sensation.

Myofascial Spasms

When the back muscles along with any other body muscle, ligaments and tendons get cramped or go into spasm, myofascial spasm occurs. Under such situation, it is natural to get a recovery after a complete rest because the soft tissues of the back became hypersensitive and cramped. Never take such condition lightly and any kind of over burden may worsen the condition. Take complete rest and give back muscles a complete relaxation to ease out the issue. The repairing of back muscles is vital in order to avoid the back pain in future. This painful state is highly common among the people who are obese and believe in sedentary life style without the involvement of body workout.

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