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Stuck On Secret Santa? Fun Gift Ideas For Your Friends This Christmas

May 22 • Lifestyle • 2431 Views • No Comments on Stuck On Secret Santa? Fun Gift Ideas For Your Friends This Christmas

So Christmas has come around once again, and you’ve just pulled your friends name out of the secret Santa hat. But with such a small budget, and when often not knowing the recipient as well as you would like, picking a gift can be hard. Don’t panic though; there are many great secret Santa gifts out there to suit all budgets and tastes!

Bring Out Their Fun Side

Gadgets are a great way to perk up a secret Santa unwrapping. You can guarantee that everyone will want to play with your gadget gift compared to the sensible knitted jumper which is so often seen. The world really is your oyster when shopping for gadgets as gifts, but when looking for a smaller budget, the high street is often the best place to start, with large department stores stocking a sizable variety of gadgets and gizmos to suit all tastes.

Some gadgets can be practical, but as this is secret Santa, keep it fun! A remote controlled boat for the bath or a laser pen can provide endless entertainment to adults and children alike, and are guaranteed to make your secret Santa recipient smile.

Try Novelty Christmas Gifts

If you are stuck for gift ideas, it’s best to keep your secret Santa light hearted, but not offensive. The Internet and the high street are awash with novelty presents especially designed for secret Santa and stocking fillers. From a jokey musical reindeer tie to a chalk board mug, there are novelty gifts available to suit everyone. Keep in mind your secret recipient’s personal style and be sure to tailor it to suit them. If he or she is a bit of a geek, video game merchandise such as novelty soaps and mugs are available at reasonable prices from pretty much every high street store.

Bring out The Movie Buff in Them

Sometimes in the winter, all we want to do is snuggle in and watch a good film. So a good idea is to indulge the movie buff in your secret Santa recipient by creating a home movie pack. You don’t have to fork out on the latest home cinema equipment to achieve this; it is possible on any budget. Simply create a hamper filled with everything you need for a good movie night, include alcohol or soft drinks depending on the age of the recipient, a host of popcorn and sweet snacks, and of course a selection of DVDS. Many high street stores sell reasonably priced DVDS these days, and if you pick classic films over current releases you are guaranteed to get more for your money. A great gift for that movie buff friend of yours that they can enjoy time and again.

Give Them a Choice

Sometimes, you might not feel you know enough about your secret Santa to get them a good gift, but don’t panic! Gift cards make a great gift, and mean your money won’t be wasted on presents that will be forgotten after the holidays. With a gift card your recipient can purchase something they will actually enjoy and use, and you can stop struggling with unsuitable gift ideas. A great way of delivering a gift card this Christmas is in a novelty snow globe, tailored to fit your secret Santa recipient’s tastes. If your friend is a music buff, don’t risk offending their music taste by buying them an outdated album, instead offer them a gift card in a personalised snow globe and you are guaranteed secret Santa success!

Hannah Bridges is  astudent who writes on fashion and lifestyle topics in her spare time.

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