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Things to Consider For a Successful Date

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Once you go through the information provided above, you’re first date will definitely turn to be a huge success.

Dating is a thrilling experience especially if it’s your first one as it gives a chance to know each other in a better way to establish understanding and coordination. Once you step out of the school life and on your way to college or university, the feeling of enjoying a date crates an adrenaline feeling. You’ll definitely come across dozens of girls in Lebanon but it’s only one you would like to spend more time with.

There’re so many things to consider when dating which you should look upon in order to avoid embarrassing yourself or your beloved by end of the day. Whether it’s Lebanese dating or any other, check out below for some tips to have the best time without regretting the moment.

A Subtle Approach

One of the common aspects that might affect the entire course of friendship and relation is the way you approach. A famous quote; “First impression is the last” is applied here so you should be very careful. Try being casual, be simple just the way you are. Avoid showing off as it can cause serious trouble in future and worse, your happy relation may end up in dismay.

Get to Know Each Other

Before asking someone for a date, it’s better to spend more time with each other for a better understanding, get to know the likes and dislikes. This is essential as you’ll realize whether the person is suitable to date with or not.

Asking out for the Big Moment

Now comes the toughest part, asking for a date. Whatever you do, don’t ever blurt out aloud, approach gently in a casual manner. Talk about different things first, observe each other’s temper and then ask whether she’s interested to go out with you or not! This will leave an optimistic impression, proving that you’re mature and gentle.


Finally the big day arrived! You’re getting ready to enjoy the moment that you’ve waited for so long. But before you go, it’s important to dress in an appropriable manner. Avoid wearing stiff clothes along with such shirts having strange messages imprinted over them. Tux is an ideal dress especially if it’s your first date however, you can also go for casual but decent attire. Don’t put up weird looking wearable like a skull headed chain or denim jeans which are ripped off from knee side. It’ll make you look like a nerd which you surely don’t want to be.

Venue & Accommodation

Discuss a suitable venue with each other. Ensure that the place is decent and not at all lonesome where one might feel uncomfortable. Outdoor restaurants, events and exhibitions are ideal places for dating. Decide such a spot that falls within your budget so that you might have all the right arrangements.

Yet another considerable factor is how to get to the place. If you have a personal car or a bike, then there should be no problem. It’s preferred to ride out in a car instead of motorbike as your apparel won’t get messed up or wrinkled this way.

The Discussion Factors

Obviously, everyone is nervous especially when it’s a first date, thinking about what should and shouldn’t be discussed. Even here, an informal discussion will work out just fine. Find out about each other hobbies, plans in life and much more but don’t be annoying or clingy.

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