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    Ensure Your Childs Safety In The Garden This Summer

    May 20, 13 • 1766 Views • Family fun, ParentingNo Comments

    The summer months are nearly upon which means your children will be starting to spend more and more time outside in the good weather. This is obviously a great thing, it is better than having them stuck indoors playing on their games console or watching TV...

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    Creating Dresses From Newspaper Dress Patterns For Dolls

    May 18, 13 • 10091 Views • LifestyleNo Comments

    We previously posted a blog about creating the perfect gifts for girls. By creating new dresses for the girl in your life’s doll collection, you are giving a gift made from the heart. The previous blog showed you how to make a dress pattern for dolls...

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    Making Girl Shoes

    May 14, 13 • 9422 Views • Fashion, LifestyleNo Comments

    Collecting dolls is the perfect hobby for the young ladies in your life. Dolls are not the only gift for girls that can be given, because there are also large ranges of doll accessories that can be made right from the comfort of your own home. We have done...