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    5 Friends Every Woman Needs

    Jan 10, 14 • 1801 Views • Entertainment, LifestyleNo Comments

    Female friendships form some of the strongest bonds many women will ever experience during their lifetimes. Whether providing mutual strength and encouragement through difficult careers or navigating the daily grind and joys of childrearing, most women’s...

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    How To Cope With Tangled Relationships

    Jun 4, 13 • 1989 Views • Lifestyle, LoveNo Comments

    Today’s society is moving much faster than what it used to just decades ago. Maybe you are too young to know how the world is before the internet. Whatever it is the fast pace of our lives today makes relationship seems to be very fragile and often we have...

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    How Did Online Dating Became So Popular?

    May 24, 13 • 5390 Views • Dating, LoveNo Comments

    Online dating has become incredibly popular in recent years. There used to be a massive stigma against finding love online, but its high success rate has forced people to change their minds about it. Online dating has a higher rate of success than traditional...

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    Bliss And Glam

    May 21, 13 • 1865 Views • Dating, Love, WeddingNo Comments

    Bliss and Glam; Make Your Wedding a Winner It’s One in the morning. Your father is dancing, empty pint glass in hand, to the latest 70’s funk. Your mother, who has been flitting between floods of tears and tides of red wine, has taken temporary...