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  • lavendar

    6 Easy Steps to an At-Home Skin Pampering Spa

    May 31, 13 • 4972 Views • Beauty, How To, Skin careNo Comments

    A little pampering is a positive thing, no matter what your skin type. Whether your skin tends to be dry, oily, rough or acne-prone, it can benefit from rejuvenating home treatments. Luckily, you don’t need to book expensive trips to the salon to indulge...

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    How Will Losing Weight Affect My Skin?

    May 9, 13 • 2128 Views • Beauty, Skin careNo Comments

    It may be hard to believe that there can be a down side to losing weight. However, weight loss can have unfortunate consequences for your skin. Weight gain contributes to loss of elasticity and strength in skin, so when weight is lost skin cannot effectively...