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    Six Reasons to Join a Weight Loss Camp

    Mar 5, 14 • 1442 Views • Diet & Fitness, HealthNo Comments

    Thanks to The Biggest Loser, weight loss camps have gained some notoriety. However, people with a weight problem still need some impetus to attend one. They see their problem as one-dimensional. In actuality, their mind-body-spirit connection needs to be...

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    Green Tea Weight Loss

    May 28, 13 • 1566 Views • HealthNo Comments

    Green tea weight loss is one of the alternatives that can help you in running a successful diet. Green tea is a healthy lifestyle choice rather than a cup of coffee, and creams which are high in calories. Green tea contains caffeine, which can reduce your...

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    How Will Losing Weight Affect My Skin?

    May 9, 13 • 2152 Views • Beauty, Skin careNo Comments

    It may be hard to believe that there can be a down side to losing weight. However, weight loss can have unfortunate consequences for your skin. Weight gain contributes to loss of elasticity and strength in skin, so when weight is lost skin cannot effectively...