Ten Ways To Impress Women On A First Date In Style

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Dressing well is always important, whether you are heading to a big meeting or the local supermarket. You never know when you will bump into someone that you need to impress, so it makes sense to try to look presentable at all times.  The occasional slip is forgivable – we all have days when we’re feeling run down and we can barely face pulling on a pair of jeans to pick up some fresh milk from the supermarket.  However, if there’s one time when making your best effort is really important, it’s date night. Here are a few tips to help you make a great impression on that all-important first date.

1. Dress for the destination

If you’re going to the opera, a high end restaurant or some other venue with a strict dress code, dress appropriately.  If you’re not sure what’s appropriate, check with the venue in advance so that you don’t end up under (or over) dressed.

2. Stay away from suits

Unless the venue requires it, stay away from suits – you’re going on a leisurely date, not a job interview! A good pair of chinos and a nice shirt will make you look relaxed, but still well presented.

3. Dress from head to toe

Do not ignore your shoes and socks.  Women notice things like scuffed shoes and tattered socks. A comfortable pair of loafers will work for almost any occasion.  If you’re going for a walk on the beach then by all means wear some good sneakers, but you probably won’t impress anyone with those old, tattered trainers in your gym bag – and flip flops are never appropriate.

4. Impress her with a good watch

A high quality wristwatch is a good way to send subtle messages about your status. Where garishly labelled brand-name clothing looks tacky, a nice Rolex is a practical and stylish item that indicates that you are well off, but doesn’t make it look like you’re trying to boast about it.

5. Wear clothes that fit

This might seem obvious, but many men buy clothes that are too big for them.  Baggy clothing looks slovenly, and is not flattering. Choose clothes that fit you so that you can show off your physique.

6.  Flatter your body type

Choose clothes that flatter your good points and hide your flaws. If this means deviating a little from the fashions of the moment, that’s fine. Everyone has a signature look – find yours, and you’ll feel more comfortable and be able to relax and have a good time on your date.

7. Don’t wear too much cologne

It’s good to smell nice, but no-one wants to be choked by the smell of perfume.

8.  Spend some extra time on grooming

Trim and clean your fingernails, wash your hair, and shave just before you leave. Those little details will be noticed.

9. Take some gum with you

Don’t ruin your great dress sense and impeccable grooming with garlic breath or asparagus between your teeth! Take some gum or mints with you so that you can discretely freshen up after eating.

10. Tell your date if there’s a dress code

It’s only polite to let your date know if they should wear a certain type of outfit for the date – if you’re choosing the venue and want to keep it a surprise, at least give your date a hint. She will appreciate you saving her from the embarrassment of being over-dressed for the beach, or getting turned away from a high-end venue for wearing jeans instead of a little black dress.

Written by Crispin Jones for Anna Davies providers of unique menswear.

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