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Tent Acoustics: Why You Should Consider an Event Tent for Your Outdoor Music

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You did all the hard stuff with starting a band. You got the other musicians, you argued and finally decided on a killer band name, and you’re little sister is your first fan. Okay, so maybe you aren’t that new to the music scene, but you’re still trying to get your name out there. But who would pay to come to hear a band they’ve never heard of? This is people’s Saturday night we’re talking about! Two words: Event Tent.

A tent? This isn’t Woodstock you say? That’s why it’s an event tent and not just your normal camping tent. If images of army style tents set up in the mud comes to mind, wipe that from your thoughts. I’m talking about an event tent, as in the type that Leonardo DiCaprio would have at his wedding. The type your fancy cousin wants for her engagement party. Those really nice, really large tents that could hold a stadium full of people. Not really, but almost. So why should you have a tent at your outdoor music show?  Is it worth the cost?


What is the worst thing that could happen at an outdoor concert? You said it- rain! Or possibly any other whether condition that would make it not only unsuitable to play but to stand around and listen. Even a simple light shower can make people leave, especially if they don’t appreciate you yet. Diehard fans will get soaked but you don’t have any yet. And if you do, you can always use more! Protect your guests form winds, showers, even rays. Not to mention bugs. By keeping your guests and you contained, mosquitoes and other flying friends will go down drastically, keeping you and your guests happy and focused on you, not the bugs.


These tents can be seen at celebrity events all over. They add class and glam to and outdoor event that otherwise would be boring and unoriginal. Dress up your concert and in turn, you’ll dress up the band.  Yes the tent itself sets you apart from your competition and maybe even makes you better than the drive-ins, but by utilizing a tent you also are granted the freedom of decoration. Not much you can do with an outdoor concert to promote yourself, your music or even create the ambiance you’re looking for. With a tent, you create the mood you want.


Who would pay ten bucks to see a band they’ve never heard of, only to stand outside in the elements? Are there even chairs? Food? What else is there other than the music? Some bands take a few minutes to get used to. Don’t risk your guests leaving because they feel ripped off. Likewise, don’t risk losing potential guest because they can’t see the value behind the fee. If they know it is a tented event, ten points of value just got tacked on. Say you provide some chairs? Another twenty points! You could provide food in a tent as well, another gazillion points. So you see, a tent adds more than you think.


Knowing your band is going to carry to the houses down the street means what for the people in the audience? It means your music could be echo-y. Avoid that by housing your concert in a tent. Not only do you contain the music to your small area, amplifying the sound, but you make your even seem private. By encasing your audience in a tent with you, it seems more select and important than just an open area where anyone could just come up and listen. Your guests will feel like they are part of something.

By Shelby Morrison

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