Thomas Sabo: Why I love the brand

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It’s fair to say that at the moment my favourite jewellery brand is Thomas Sabo – this is for a variety of different reasons. I thought I’d write a post with you to share the reasons why I love this brand so much.

Firstly, Thomas Sabo has so many different styles in its range that it appeals to lots of different people. It’s nice that it caters for lots of different interests and personalities.

I think that one of the best things about Thomas Sabo is the high quality of jewellery it manufactures. The top quality products are at such a good price too so you really get your money’s worth out of them. I love that they’re priced so fairly because it means I can justify buying myself lots of nice new items!

It’s fair to say I’ve gone a bit OTT with my Thomas Sabo jewellery items – I know have three jewellery boxes full of Thomas Sabo jewellery! It wouldn’t surprise me if I’ve filled four by Christmas either – I’m addicted to gorgeous jewellery. Lots of people always buy me Thomas Sabo items for my birthday and for Christmas presents, they’re great gifts.

One of my favourite things that Thomas Sabo create are their earrings – there are some really funky designs that are unusual and unlike anything from every other brand at the moment.  My favourite earrings are the ones they make out of rose gold – I love this material as it gives off a really romantic and vintage look. My sister has a stunning pair of Thomas Sabo earrings that are hoops, I absolutely love them but they’re out my price range so I’m hoping she’ll let me borrow them!

I love the watches that Thomas Sabo designs too – there is a large selection to choose from. I own two Thomas Sabo watches that are fairly plain designs – as watches are fairly expensive I like to make sure that they’ll match a wide variety of outfits. I’ve had my eye on a gorgeous orange Thomas Sabo watch for a while now so fingers crossed my boyfriend will pick up on all the hints I’ve been dropping and treat me to it!

The rings that Thomas Sabo manufactures are fabulous – they really make a statement and are the perfect accessory to add a fun element to your outfit. I have lots of different Thomas Sabo rings to match different outfits and people always ask me about where I got them from – I love them!

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