Three ways to become the UK resident

Three ways to become the UK resident

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The United Kingdom is listed among the well-developed countries on the globe. High standard of living, quality education and health facilities, excellent job and profitable business opportunities along with permit free travel to a number of countries are a few reasons to captivate everyone across the world to achieve the residency of this territory. There are different ways to become the lawful inhabitant of the United Kingdom. To gain the legal rights to live and work, you will have to undergo a multistage process of immigration, while staying and spending a couple of years here.

Via the process of Naturalization, this is one of the easiest and hassle free way to obtain the dual nationality of the UK. In order to become an appropriate applicant, you have to stay here at least for 12 months. After filing an application, you will have to spend years to receive the status of the legal resident. Applicants are allowed to visit their homeland, not more than 90 days. Other requirements to join the naturalisation citizenship program include possessing the right age of 18 years or more and good character. Next step is to appear in few assessments called “Life in the UK Test” and proficiency in any of the languages English, Welsh, or Scottish Gaelic. Don’t forget to check the age requirements, candidates of more than 65 years old don’t need to pass these tests. Similarly, candidates with physical and mental disabilities are also exempted from these assessments. However, a letter from the doctor is essentially required to be attached with the application form.

After becoming a spouse of a UK citizen, irrespective of your gender, as soon as you get married with the native, you have become eligible to file the residency application. You need to submit the copy of marriage certificate and complete copy of his/her passport including, every single page, or naturalisation certificate, if he/she is not born here and has earned the right to living after completing the requirements. To finally obtain your own passport, you will have to spend three years in the country. However, you are allowed to visit your homeland or travel across the world, not more than 270 days. This duration can be flexibly extended to 300 days. You will be exempted to complete this requirement if your life partner is working with Armed Forces or any of the Government organisation.

Via “acquisition” of citizenship, this is when your parents are British, you will automatically become eligible to possess a British passport. However, you are not allowed to live and work here, unless you will execute a few prerequisites to gain the legal rights to live and work there. You need to fill the form and submit to authorities to process your case. If you are 18 years old or more, then you are eligible to independently file your case. In case you are less than 18 years old, you may still submit your form even if one of your parents is on indefinite leave since your birth. Individuals who are born in the UK and spend 10 years, here are also permitted to submit an application, even their parents are not the native citizens.

Summary: These are three most common ways to obtain UK residency, being a candidate you may select to execute your desire to become an inhabitant of this spectacular city.

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