Tips to Take Care of Expensive Formal Wears!

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Read this article to know more about keeping your formal dresses safe from going discoloring or stains.

There is nothing to raise your brow when you place an order for an expensive formal wear! It’s the way it is, all formal designer wears are expensive and the prices are hiking to infinity. Designers claim that they don’t compromise on quality and use all high-ends products like fabric, stones, laces or embroideries to deliver a piece, matchless to any other! What matters is how well you are able to keep them as your dress carries no warranty or exchangeable option. Therefore it is essential to know how to keep your expensive formal wears safe from hinges, color disorder or stains. Below are a few tips, follow them and keep your expensive clothes for longer!

Tip # 1: Make sure you when you buy a dress, it is packed in plastic and kept in a box. When you take a trial at home, be sure you are away from your dining areas or from any food stuff and your hands are properly washed and dried.

Tip # 2: After you are done with your trial, avoid folding clothes that are heavily embellished or with pure fabrics. First put them in a zip plastic bag and then hang it in your closet or somewhere, kids are not reachable. Never put them is a transparent plastic bag or in a place where sunlight is exposed as it may discolor your dress.

Tip # 3: If you are preparing for a wedding, never think to iron your expensive formal clothes at home. It is best to send to a professional ironing store and get it ironed. Or else, you can put your evening at risk, if anything goes wrong with the dress, you are grounded.

Tip # 4: Reconsider whether to wear bracelets or not? Sometimes there are sharp cuts in bracelets or bangles that could ruin your dress by hooking at your dress several times. If you think you can’t avoid wearing a bracelet, check that it has no sharp edges.

Tip # 5: At the event, stay away from serving corners or your dress could catch stains.

Tip # 6: Never wear safety pins to handle your stole or to fix your dress. If in case you need it badly, use baby pins to fix as it is somehow more protected and has no sharp edges. IT doesn’t come out until you purposely open it. Safety pins can tear a hole in your dress from slight jerk or stretch.

Tip # 6: After wearing the dress at several different events, it’s the high time when you should think to get it washed. But washing at home or in machine is not correct; it may damage the entire dress. Therefore it is best to send it for dry-cleaning. It might cost you a little more, but it is negligible as compared to what you’ve paid for the dress.

Above given are some of the tips to handle expensive clothes nicely, which makes them stay for longer.

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