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Tips to Find the Best Bouncy Castle Hire

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Inflatable castles are, like anywhere else, an extremely popular party attraction in Chelmsford. People hire bouncy castles to their kids’ birthday parties, festive gatherings at Christmas or Halloween, and a host of other social events. To cater to peoples’ needs there are several Chelmsford castle hire services offered in the area right now. While most of them satisfy the standards people look for in their inflatable castles, it is still important to know that the equipment you are hiring is safe, tested, and would not harm your children in any manner.  If you want to hire a bouncy castle sometime in the near future, then this article contains a list of things to consider before you make the choice of a renter.

Make Sure There’s On the Spot Service

One of the most irritating things that can happen if you’re unlucky is a tiny glitch coming up during the party that makes you think your castle isn’t safe. Then, you can’t allow your kids to go up on it, and it starts seeming like the whole thing’s going to waste. Make sure there are emergency customer services offered by the company you’re hiring from. Usually, companies located nearby the venue of your social event would find it easier to offer you this service.

Look for Professional Efficiency

Make multiple calls to the renting companies and ask them questions about their products’ varieties, features and safety measures. Determine if the person talking to you has a good idea of the product they’re selling, and if they are confident of the product meeting the desired standards. Usually, good Chelmsford castle hire services would know all the details of their product and would not hesitate to tell you all that you need to know about them.


Enquire if the company has professionals who would visit your venue to inflate your castle for you at an appropriate time before your event starts. Do not under any circumstances try to inflate the bouncy castle yourself as if certain air pressures are not maintained, there might be too much pressure on the castle for it to withstand pounding from a dozen kids, or too little pressure for the fabric to stand the dynamic movements it would be subjected to. A good Chelmsford castle hire company would have people trained to perform this task. If the company you’re talking to does not, you better look for a different company.

Safety and Insurance

Make sure you know how old the bouncy castle you’re hiring is, how many times it has been used, and the date the castle was last used or checked to be fit for use. If the company is unable to provide details of this, then it is probably too much of a risk to hire their castle. Also, make sure that the company pays for your public liability insurance in case something bad happens at the venue on account of poor equipment condition previously unknown or unrevealed.

Be careful in selecting your hiring company and make sure the party planning is a breeze.

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