Tips For Planning The Perfect Bachelor Party

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Every groom looks forward to his bachelor party as an important and fun rite of passage before getting married. The perfect bachelor party will be a memorable event that allows the groom to be the main focus while keeping the rest of the groomsmen and party guests entertained. Bachelor party planners should keep the following tips in mind while planning the groom’s special night.

Remember Who the Party is For

The focus of a bachelor party is the groom and the evening’s events should reflect his particular taste and interests. While planning a bachelor party, the best man and other groomsmen should try to think outside the traditionally expected entertainment options and try to put together a night tailored to the groom. For example, if the groom never enjoyed crowded bars a night spent on a pub crawl may not be the best choice. The entire bachelor party should be catered to the groom and providing him with a night spent with friends he will remember as a stellar “last night as a free man.”

Planning for the Main Event

The best bachelor parties involve a main event that is unique, ideally a once in a lifetime experience. Sporting events, concerts, comedy shows and other special events make ideal focal points for bachelor parties. For a truly spectacular bachelor party, consider a trip to a fun and lively destination like Las Vegas or Nashville, depending on the groom’s usual travel preferences. Other small activities like a nice group dinner, private poker game or bar hopping can be planned around the bachelor party’s main event. A meal is recommended as part of the evening, especially if there is a plan to drink alcohol.

Arranging the Transportation

Bachelor parties should travel in style. Transportation should be worked into the bachelor party plans as both a way of making the night even more special and ensuring the safety of the party guests. Rented limousines are the most popular choices for bachelor party transportation. The entire groomsmen party can fit comfortably in a limousine, everyone arrives and leaves together, and the classic special event vehicles make a stylish impression upon arrival. Something about climbing into and out of a chauffeured limousine makes everyone feel important and the entire evening with feel that much more special. If you’re looking for a more festive evening, a party bus can provide attendees with a night of fun!

Be Safe, Be Smart

There is nothing fun about drinking too much, making irresponsible or impulsive decisions, or jeopardizing the groom’s ability to get married after the bachelor party is over. A respect for the groom’s impending nuptials and responsible drinking habits should be kept in mind by the party planner, other groomsmen and all the guests, especially if the groom is set to say, “I do” the following day.

The bachelor party is a symbolic last night for the groom to be considered a single man. A perfect bachelor party will include special transportation, events catered to the groom’s interests and a general sense of responsible enjoyment.

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