My top 3 jewellery brands

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Is it possible to ever have too much jewellery? Not in my eyes it isn’t! Buying jewellery has become a bit of a hobby of mine and I’m always on the lookout for my next purchase. I have at least three jewellery boxes full at the moment (and I’m hoping that I’ll be able fill a few more too!). I find it really important to buy a range of different styles of jewellery. Having options is really important as some items of jewellery can go out of fashion fairly quickly. It’s always a good idea to keep buying more so you’ll find items that’ll work well with lots of different outfits. I aim not to wear jewellery from a collection that came out a couple of years ago as I think this is really easy to spot as styles have changed so much since then.

A lot of my friends and family describe me as being a ‘jewellery guru’ which makes me laugh as really I’m just a jewellery addict! When you’re constantly on the hunt for your next buy, you learn quite a lot about the trade. Show me a piece of jewellery and by the style of it I’d be able to tell you what brand it is and could have a good guess at the price. They think it’s a bit of a skill of mine but I won’t be adding it to my CV any time soon! Although I love going into jewellery shops to see all the jewellery gleaming beautifully in the display cabinets, I tend to do my shopping online more these days as it’s much easier.

I love knowing what jewellery collections are going to be coming out next so I always keep up to date by looking at jewellery websites – they usually have a news section which talks about the new collections. I also keep my eyes peeled for new jewellery trends in magazines and look on Pinterest – people share fab new styles on there. I’ve found that the jewellery brands that seem to be popular at the moment are Nomination, Pandora and Thomas Sabo … and they’re absolutely gorgeous!

I adore Thomas Sabo earrings – they’re really different to earrings from other brands. The unique designs are my favourite thing about them because you can’t find anything else like it on the market. From skulls to sparkly love hearts, there really is something for everybody and there are so many different designs by them that are on my wish list. I haven’t bought many Thomas Sabo items at the moment but I would definitely recommend buying jewellery from this brand.

When it comes to Pandora, although they’re usually recognised for their charm bracelets, I think they design gorgeous rings.  90% of the rings I own are Pandora, this is because they’re great quality and they’re right up my street. There are so many different designs and they’re really reasonably priced too. I love how there are so many plain designs that are perfect for everyday wear and also statement rings which are great for evening wear.

I love the Nomination brand because of the way it is formed. Usually, charms attach on to a carrier bracelet. However, Nomination charms link together to form the bracelet. I love this because it’s really different and the design is modern, sleek and stylish.

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