Top 3 Personalised Birthday Gifts

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Personalised birthday gifts are a great way off showing a member of your family or the person you love that you have put a little extra thought in to their present. CD’s and DVD’s can be a great present but they don’t live long in the memory, a personalised gift however serves a lasting reminder of the present, the person who gave and the event it commemorated whether that be a Birthday or a Wedding. Here are 5 of the best personalised gifts you can buy.

Engraved Hip Flask

This might sound like a strange novelty present that won’t get used but you’d be surprised how often people actually use hip flasks nowadays. The cost of living is going up all the time and in turn the cost of alcohol in bars and at events. Therefore instead of paying £7 at a bar for a whisky and coke you just get a coke for about £1 and then pour your own whisky in from your hip flask. This would make a great present for anyone from students to retired people. The engraving gives it that extra sentimentality that makes it stand out from the crowd, if you want quality hip flasks with nice engraving then give The Gift Engraver a visit.


A hamper is often associated with Christmas, it doesn’t have to be though. For those people who are difficult to buy for (and everyone knows someone whether it is your mum, your dad or your brother) try mixing and matching some smaller presents that you know they will like. For example, if they like their coffee and beers then find some nice and unusual ones and pack them in to a hamper for them.


This is more of an ‘experience’ present i.e. they will go and make their perfume themselves. You may be able to give it a good go but nothing beats being able to make that perfect perfume that you’ve never been able to find before. More and more shops around the UK are offering this service now, you go in and an assistant helps you out by giving you different smells like ‘sandalwood’ and ‘lavender’ and you tell them what to mix together and have the recipe made. They will give you a copy of the recipe so that you can make it again in future if you really like it as well.

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