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Top 5 Jobs With a Degree in Information Technology Management

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Students with a love of the insides of a computers or the artistry of code often consider enrolling in an online Information Technology Management program. These four-year bachelor degrees provide students the skills and experience to get hired for a variety of computer and informational science positions.

The salary and job benefits for IT management positions are generally higher than average, but of course vary based on the job and company. IT Management degree holders regularly find jobs in these areas:

IT Project Managers
An IT project manager holds a middle-management position in his company. IT project managers are responsible for ensuring that a company’s computer networks and systems are functioning as well as they can. They are in charge of keeping the technology of their companies updated and working efficiently and effectively. People who find themselves in this job are expected to hire, train and supervise other IT workers so they have to be able to communicate easily and comfortably.

Jobs as IT project managers are usually held by holders of IT Management degrees who have a few years of experience in the field. They can be a great stepping stone to higher positions in a company.

Systems Engineers
The job of a systems engineer is demanding. They can often find themselves in charge of large projects involving many other people and a huge budget. System engineers are capable and effective leaders, in addition to being highly knowledgeable. The prime responsibilities of the job are coordinating multiple people, in multiple fields, sometimes in a variety of locations, accomplish a single goal. People who take this job must be able to handle stress.

Becoming a systems engineer is definitely not a job that recent IT Management graduates can step into, but it is possible for these graduates to work themselves up to the level of a systems engineer. It is a very laudable goal, indeed.

Network Administrators
Network Administrators focus on the maintenance, management and administration of computer network systems, as well as data circuits. The day-to-day responsibilities of a Network Administrator involves installing new systems, upgrading current systems and keeping networks running smoothly by troubleshooting. Many network administrators are also responsible for the purchase of new technology for the companies they work for. Alternative names for the same position can include, network software administrators or network systems administrators.

Webmasters are responsible for maintaining a website’s usability for individuals or companies. Some webmasters choose to work for a company, but others prefer to freelance for a variety of websites. Usually a webmaster works as part of a team which includes: designers, programmers and content providers.

In addition to the technical side of the website, as team leaders, webmasters are responsible for creating a clear, consistent website-wide vision. Webmasters need to keep up with new technological advances and use these to maintain a website that works to the satisfaction of the owner.

Computers System Analysts
Being a computer systems analyst provides the IT Management graduate a position that is both challenging and stimulating. Computer system analysts develop and plan the hardware and software needed by a company to reach a goal.

With a wide range of employment opportunities across dozens of industries, computers system analysts will never grow bored or have much difficulty finding a niche that they love. Some of the many industries whose companies employ these professionals are: retail sales, universities, hospitals, consulting firms and even governments.

With so many options for ITM graduates, study in this field is a great investment. Explore many of the other IT Management jobs online to get a feel for how versatile and valuable this degree can be.

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