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Top 5 Water Activities To Keep You Fit And Healthy

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As you probably already know, exercise is mandatory for your physical and emotional well being. Exercise promotes weight loss, boosts mood, and fights diseases. Research shows that everyone should be spending at least a half hour exercising on a daily basis. A fun and easy way to spend those 30 minutes is to participate in water activities. Swimming, surfing, rowing, water aerobics and sailing are all beneficial for your health and fitness.
A good way to relax and keep up your health is to swim every day. Not only does being in the pool with a bunch of friends or family help you relieve your tensions, but it also gives your whole body a good workout. Swimming is ideal for flexibility, muscle strength, cardiovascular health. According to health specialist, Michael Franco, the pool is the perfect place to work out stiff muscles and sore joints. It also helps with weight loss and is known to promote psychological health.

Unlike a few years ago, surfing is now a well known and common water activity. Enhanced balance, flexibility, muscle strength and improved cardiovascular heath are all benefits of surfing. Also, surfing has the ability to improve weight loss and fight obesity. It is important to note that all the steps you take while surfing, including paddling out to the waves, getting on the board, and maintaining balance, are a part of the overall workout.

Practicing rowing as a form of enjoyment and exercise is apparently the new trend these days. Rowing is another one of those exercises that works out the entire body. It trains all the muscles in the body which is why it is known to improve your health and fitness. While being one of those exercises that allows you to socialize while working out, rowing is found to be excellent for the heart. Some of the other benefits of rowing include increased body strength and enhanced flexibility. It is used to benefit psychological health and overcome obesity.

Water Aerobics
Water Aerobics is beneficial for everyone, particularly the elderly and the pregnant. According to American Council on Exercise, while practicing water aerobics, the water buoyancy reduces your weight up to 90%. This is why water aerobics is known to be an ideal workout for muscles and joints. In fact, recent research shows that water aerobics can actually promote muscle loss if done correctly. Other health benefits of water aerobics include increased strength, enhanced cardiovascular health, and promoted flexibility. Further, water aerobics is known to especially benefit the elderly because it helps overcome arthritis and for the pregnant because practicing impactful exercises such as water aerobics can lessen the complications of labor.

While being fun and relaxing, sailing has the ability to give you tremendous health benefits. Some benefits include increased metabolism, promoted flexibility, development of cardiac and respiratory systems, and better muscle strength. Sailing also provides more blood to the body, brings in more oxygen to the brain, and provides more energy. Sailing is also known to decrease the risk of heart disease, hypertension, and obesity.

To sum it all up, taking part in water activities is good for the body, mind and soul. Some activities that are especially beneficial are swimming, surfing, rowing, water aerobics, and sailing. We guarantee that through these activities not only will you begin to love spending time in the water, but you will also get a break from your day to day problems.

Carla loves anything to do with water. From a young age, she has been living at the beach and been a strong advocate of water sports. Carla is also a lifestyle blogger, who enjoys writing about fashion, swimwear and fitness. When she is not guest posting, Carla is a regular contributor at Carla Swimwear, where she writes regular reviews

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