Top 5 Best Wedding Proposals

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Are you thinking of proposing marriage to the one you love? Understandably because this is a once in a lifetime special moment, you would want it to be perfect and successful. After all, it’s the girl of your dreams that you want to impress, so it makes sense that you want her to feel extra special.

Although there is no “wrong way” to tell your girlfriend how much you love her and would like her to marry you, doing it in a special way can give you both a special memory to cherish for a lifetime.

If you need some sort of inspiration on how to make your wedding proposal a memorable one, here are some awesome ideas for you:

1. Movie Proposal

Matt told his girlfriend, Ginny, that he was not be able to watch the movie, Fast Five, together with her because he had to work on Saturday. So instead of accompanying her, he just asked her brother to take her to see the movie. When the movie began to play, she heard a familiar voice on the screen and shocked about what she discovered. She was speechless as she was watching Matt asking for the permission of her dad to marry her. After the proposal, Matt and Ginny have been invited to different American shows to share their story. Now, they’re one of the popular couples worldwide.

2. Live Lip-Dub Proposal

Isaac invited Amy, his girlfriend, to his parent’s house for dinner. When she arrived, Isaac’s brother put her on the back of a car and gave her some headphones. She was told that Isaac wanted to play her a song. But as the car moved and the song started, friends, neighborhood, and families started appearing while dubbing the song, Marry You, by Bruno Mars.

3. Flash Mob Marriage Proposal

Craig Jones invited his girlfriend, Allison, to meet him at Bryant Park for lunch. When she arrived, instead of him, Allison’s friends walked toward her and an unknown woman came up and led her to the center table. All the time, she was smiling and wondering what was happening until people started to dance and the band began to play the song “Hey Baby, I Wanna Know If You’ll Be My Girl.” After the little show, Craig started to appear from the crowd and told Allison to spend the rest of her life with him.

4. In Descent Proposal

This is a scary and yet very sweet wedding proposal. Pilot Ryan Thompson, took his girlfriend, Carlie, for a small aircraft ride to view the Chicago skyline. But during the ride, something happened that made Carlie nervous. She became even more terrified when Ryan told her that the plane was experiencing a serious malfunction. Little did she know, everything was all part of Ryan’s unusual marriage proposal.

5. Meme Wedding Proposal

This is the sweet meme wedding video proposal of Timothy and now-wife, Audrey. Timothy used poster-sized memes to tell Audrey how much he loves her. While Audrey was eating together with her friends at a restaurant, Tim arrived showing the poster-sized story messages he printed to ask her to marry him. Audrey was speechless – she was just smiling and, at the same time, crying the whole time.

Asking someone for marriage is an important decision to make. Although it is best to plan the proposal carefully, the most important thing is for you stay together in love and happy. The best proposals mean nothing if the marriage won’t last. As you prepare your sweet and special marriage proposal, also think and consider the important ways for your marriage to last. is your complete wedding planning guide. If you are looking for the best wedding gowns, invitations, planning tools, wedding inspirations, and everything about making your wedding perfect, then you have to visit us today.

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