Top Five Best Movies of 2013

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2013 has been a great year for Hollywood as there have been many movies which have impressed audiences around the world. Movies such as Man of Steel, Iron Man 3, Monster’s University and Gravity have shown that Hollywood is only beginning to bring back what it used to be back in the 80’s and 90’s by combining intense drama with amazing video graphics and animation. Having said that, there are five movies from this year which deserve a watch and here is a list of them.




Oscar winners Sandra Bullock and George Clooney came together to work on this amazing story about two astronauts who are trying to survive after their ship was destroyed in space. Although Clooney plays a minor role in this film, Sandra Bullock stole the show with her awe-inspiring performance that made you feel as if you were in outer space as well.


World War Z


Although many people are getting annoyed with every other Zombie movie that gets released by Hollywood, this particular film is one that caught the attention of audiences. Brad Pitt stars in this visually brilliant film that focuses on a man trying to cure a disease that causes billions of people to turn into zombies. The story and acting in the film is definitely worth a mention.


The Great Gatsby


Leonardo di Caprio pulls off yet another fine performance as the Great Gatsby in this film which is based on the book by Scott Fitzgerald. This love story is directed beautifully and the fusion of contemporary music and early New York glamor makes this one worth a watch.




Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman team up in this epic thriller about Dover (Jackman), who loses his daughter and her daughter’s friend amidst a murder investigation and takes matters into his own hands in order find her. As the investigation draws up many leads and mounts more pressure on Dover, the question is, how far will he go to protect his family?’


The Past


Although this movie is unknown to most as it has no renowned actors or actresses in it, the story is one that catches the attention of the audience as it is very moving. The story revolves around an Iranian man who deserts his wife and kids for to return to his native land. His wife then starts a new relationship which prompts him to confront her whe

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