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The Top Trends in Wedding Photography

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Wedding photographs are simply timeless. They are the ideal way of reminding people of the biggest day of their lives and also capture the most epic moments of your wedding. It doesn’t matter if the photographs are candid or posed, as long as they show you and your mate smiling and happy in love on this very special day. Therefore, in order to have a beautiful and exceptional wedding album, it is crucial to hire a photographer who is aware of the top trends in wedding photography. This type of photography has progressed quite a lot in terms of creativity and quality due to which it has become easier to do wedding photo shoot.

Also, it becomes easier for people to choose the theme of their wedding when they are aware of the different wedding photography trends that give splendid and memorable images when printed on inkjet photo paper. The popular trends are discussed as follows:

Bursts of Color

At the moment, wedding photography involves the use of natural and bright colors in the wedding décor, clothes and accessories and some post-production techniques are also being implemented for this purpose. A plain background of grays and whites is combined with bursts of reds and yellow and lit with natural sunlight.

Depth of Color

This particular style of wedding photography is suitable at sunset where the deep colors produced by the dramatic sky and low light can be used for capturing unique images. When coupled with wide-shots and silhouettes, it can create a romantic and sumptuous effect. You will always cheer yourself by looking at such a photo in a printed form on a photo paper hanging on a wall of your house.

Posed ‘Candid’ Shots

These shots are carefully constructed in a way that they simply appear to be unplanned. As a matter of fact, they can also be a mix of both. There is a good way for using this particular trend. Photographers can just set up the scene where they want to take the photograph and position the subjects in a certain manner or place. They are then allowed to interact naturally such as talk, hug and relax while the photographer is snapping away. The purpose is to catch a candid shot, but one that looks stylized.

Celebrity Style

Red carpet photography along with the paparazzi is emulated by this offshoot of reportage photography, making the happy couple seem like celebrities. Bridesmaids and groomsmen can be part of the action and this can create a stylish and fun wedding album that boasts creativity.

Photo Booths

In the last few years, the concept of photo booths has gained considerable popularity. This can involve an automatic set-up or even a small portable studio that’s seen over a photographer. A photo booth gives people a crazy yet fun opportunity to married couples of commemorating their big day with a couple of silly shots as the booth comes equipped with props, backdrops, chalkboards, signs and even costumes. This showcases the party element of the wedding and allows the bride and groom to move away from the posed and stiff shots associated with traditional wedding photography.

Hence, these trends offer couples a great way to preserve their memories

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