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How TV Advertising Has Changed Over The Decades

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The first TV advert was broadcast in 1941 and cost $9 for a 10 second advert by a watchmaker named ‘Bulova’. It was on before a baseball game between the Brooklyn Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies and featured a watch superimposed on to a map of the Unites States with a voice over simply saying “America runs on Bulova time”. The first advert in the UK was broadcast on ITV in 21st September 1955 advertising Gibbs SR toothpaste. One thing is for certain, TV advertising has come a long way since that time.

Back in the 50’s and 60’s TV advertising was fairly simple, it got the product across using family values, they showed the product, mentioned the slogan and perhaps but it in to a scene showing when it would be used. As adverts started to advance and become more sophisticated in the 1970’s adverts like the Martians for Cadburys Smash started to appear, they had a humorous side to them and tried to be a little more memorable than simply getting the brand name across, the smash advert in 1973 still goes down as one of the all time best TV adverts. Levi’s started to advertise in the 80’s and brought a different style over from the US, they were much more movie like with good looking actors with no tops on simply wearing a pair of jeans in a laundrette, it was arty and sophisticated yet sexy at the same time. In 1998 a landmark moment happened in UK advertising, the first gay advert for ‘Impulse’ aired with the tagline ‘Men can’t help acting on impulse’.

In the last decade or so since the year 2000 TV advertising appears to revolve around who can create the most annoying advert. It seems to work, they do stick in people’s minds even if it does annoy them. A prime example of this is the ‘Go Compare’ advert with the fat opera singer who goes around singing an extremely annoying song, this advert was talked about all over the place from places of work to twitter on how annoying it was but at the same time the company is being advertised and sticks in peoples mind. A good advertising campaign by a company with experience is essential to get any real level of success; companies like have been in the industry for over 12 years.

In the last couple of years a new form of advertising has come to the forefront and that is with video on demand services like 4OD and ITV Player, most of the adverts are the same as TV adverts but with interactive elements thrown in like “choose the product you would like to see” and then depending on your choice a different advert will play. Interactive adverts are definitely the future for advertising.

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