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Volunteering in Thailand – Empowering Women

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Thailand is not just a place for tourist spots.It is also a place where volunteers can choose among many other countries. Aside from the hospitality of the Thais, volunteers can also enjoy the beautiful sceneries, cultures, and traditions of the country while serving their people to create better lives.

As long as you are 18 years old and know how to speak English, volunteering in Thailand is possible. First, you need to look for an organization or company that can help you throughout the volunteering period. Organizations or companies offer different price ranges with regards to volunteering in Thailand. Organizations also conduct trainings, orientations, and offer free accommodations for the duration of your stay in the country. And of course, to show respect for the people when volunteering in Thailand or any other country, you may have to learn or be familiar with their language ahead of time.

After enrolling to an organization or company for volunteering in Thailand, you may choose which program you would like to avail. There are many programs a volunteer can choose, from helping children and their education, empowering women, and helping with the animals, to volunteering in social justice groups and many more.

While choosing a program when volunteering in Thailand might be a little challenging, there is one program you might be interested in. As Thailand has many unemployed, disadvantaged and young women involved in human trafficking, empowering women programsare one of the good options to consider in volunteering in Thailand.

Volunteering in Thailand for women helps the women learn new skills for work such as teaching them to make handicrafts such as beadwork and souvenirs to household goods, and to facilitate in selling their finished products internationally. This increases their access to opportunities and helps their families earn more for a living.  Income-generating programs are a great way for helping the women in Thailand and not to send their young women for the sex trade. Teaching English to women is common in volunteering in Thailand to help them communicate with tourists and boost their self-confidence when selling their products.

Sex tradingis still rampant in the country and is one major issue because of financial poverty and pressure despite the government’s work to reduce such trade. Some organizations offer leadership and self-confidence training where volunteering in Thailand is essential to assist in keeping young women on the right path and keeping them away from sex trades and exploits. They will be taught to know their value and realize they are worth more than the money they can get from such trade.  A seminar for health awareness follows for women to realize the risks they can get from this trade.

Volunteering in Thailand on developing and empowering women is a huge field to be involved in. Yet it is one of the most important issues that need resolution. Having many areas to cover in this field volunteering in Thailand is greatly welcomed and having expertise and knowledge in such field is appreciated to develop a brighter future for the younger women.

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