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Ways to Organise a Successful Party

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It’s always exciting to plan a party, whether it’s a child’s tiny first birthday do or a huge charity event. That little party-on-a-rug for a baby is a bit of a breeze, but bigger bashes take a bit more planning if they’re going to go well, so this party primer might help you to get sorted.

Start planning early – the bigger the event, the earlier. Significant events – ones that will have press and a minor celeb or two present – might take up to a year to get together. Every aspect needs to be listed and planned for, with a sensible deadline for completion. Sensible means at least a week before the big day!

Don’t be shy about asking for help! Your friends and relations will probably want to pitch in, especially if it means a bit of preferential treatment on the night. Form an events committee if you need to, but keep the numbers small, as meetings can go on for ages otherwise – with little to show for them. You’ll also need to draft in some manpower for the event itself, so think about who can do what, from meeting and greeting to glass collecting. If you’re stumped from an organisation perspective and are perhaps starting to get stressed out, contact one of the many events managers in Manchester for some help and advice.

Location is vital. If your party is in the summer, find a place with amazing rolling gardens and maybe even a river or lake. Don’t forget about parking and ease of accessibility, though. You need people to be able to get there! Finding that all-important marquee is one of the first things you need to do. Get that detail pinned down and the work from there.

If your event is a paid-for affair, then you need a USP. Research a few recent successful events and vary the theme a bit. If you’re outdoors for a music event, get some hay-bales and give it a farm theme. Add some local scrumpy cider for the grown-ups and a petting zoo for the kids and you’re good to go.

Make sure your event doesn’t fall on the same day as another big day – a public holiday, or school hols if it’s a family-friendly do. Have a good think and ask your committee.

It’s all about the marketing! If you don’t tell people your bash is on, they’ll do something else – even if that means just staying at home watching the box. Think about your demographic – if it’s teenagers, get on social networks and offer a free drink for a certain number of retweets. Older people still use online media of course, but print-based advertising – local newspapers and newsletters – are also useful.

Watch your budget. Once you’ve costed everything, make sure you still have a slush fund free to deal with last-minute changes or unexpected costs. If you’re selling alcoholic drinks, see if you can get a sale-or-return deal, just in case you don’t sell as much as you expected to.

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