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Three Ways to Promote Your Craft Business

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If you run a business selling handmade items then you are probably constantly looking for ways to stand out from the crowd and to attract more potential buyers. Here then are three measures that you can easily implement to bring more visitors to your site.


One great way to bring visitors to your store, whether that be on a marketplace like Etsy or Folksy, or on your own website, is to offer a giveaway of one of your handmade items. These giveaways are usually greeted pretty enthusiastically and create some buzz around your business.

If you have a blog then this is the best place to offer your giveaway from. You can tell people what is available and ask them to enter by leaving a comment on the post. You could also help spread word about your business by asking entrants to send a tweet about the competition. For some examples of how I run these events, have a look at my craft blog giveaways over at my site.

If you don’t want to offer a physical item in the giveaway, because of concerns about postage costs etc. then why not offer a gift card for your store. This has the added bonus of the winner potentially spending more with you than the actual value of the gift card you have given them. Either way it makes people head to your store and see what is on offer, you may find that even those who don’t win, go on to make purchases or sign up for your newsletter if you have one.

Craft Directories

Another way to bring traffic to your craft business is to get listed in some craft directories. Not only do these give you a link back to your site, which helps you get found in the search engines like Google and Yahoo, but they also bring visitors directly to your business. Make sure that you look for directories that are visually appealing, that allow you to list all your social sites as well as your website or craft marketplace url and which if possible let you add images of your handmade items. In the crafting niche potential buyers are going to be more attracted to a directory that is easy to navigate and easy on the eye.

It is very quick and uncomplicated to list your craft business in these directories and the results in terms of visitors easily outweigh the minimal costs involved.


If you haven’t done so already, set yourself up with a free account on Pinterest. This is the perfect social networking site for crafters, as it is all about the visual. You can then pin images of your crafts and they link directly back to your website. With the evolution of the Pinterest site itself, you can now even add prices and a short description of what you have to offer.

The key with Pinterest is of course to be social. That means that you don’t only pin your own items, but those in areas that complement your own. That you interact with others on the site and that you leave comments and re-pin awesome images that you discover. You can set up your boards to reflect your own areas of interest or even arrange them in a consistent way with areas of your craft store, particularly if you sell different types of products.

All three of these ideas are straightforward to implement and can make a real difference to the number of visitors coming to your website or blog. Take one a week and put it into action and you should steadily see a rise in traffic and ultimately, with great products, photos and listings on your site, some very nice sales will be made.

Alison Wood is passionate about crafts and creating online spaces where she can bring together makers and lovers of all things handmade.

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